Brown Widow Spider Sightings May Require an Atlanta Exterminator

In the 1990s, brown widow spiders began appearing in Atlanta. While the bite of a brown recluse or black widow is considered a greater health risk, the bite of a brown widow should not be ignored.

Bite Risks

The brown widow is in the Latrodectus family, which makes it kin to the black widow. Its venom is just as toxic as a black widow’s, but it does not spread the same way. While a black widow’s venom spreads quickly, the venom of the brown widow is usually confined to the surrounding tissue. Brown widows also deliver less venom per bite, so it is not deadly. However, it is still enough to cause pain and redness at the bite site. Some people experience radiating pain throughout other body regions. In some cases, nausea, muscle spasms and headaches have been reported. It is best to watch the bite closely, and seek medical help if adverse symptoms develop.

Identifying a Brown Widow

The body shape of a brown widow looks similar to that of a black widow. Along with a yellow or orange hourglass on its abdomen, the brown widow has a geometric pattern with hues of white, black or brown. Its brown legs are long and may have black rings. When unsure whether brown widows are living around your property, look for telltale egg sacks. The unique sacks look like sand spurs or small tan balls with spikes. Atlanta residents may find these spiders and their egg sacks under a home’s foundation, under trash can handles, under the eaves of a roof or in other areas not prone to intrusion.

When a brown widow is spotted, it’s important to be proactive in preventing more from appearing. Egg sacks take about 20 days to hatch, so call for Atlanta pest control immediately if you find a nest. ABC Home & Commercial Services offers effective pest control in Atlanta that includes spider control. Our pest treatments are carried out by knowledgeable Atlanta exterminators who work directly with you to customize a plan for prevention and treatment.

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