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Businesses and Biometric Security

biometric security is a flexible and effective protocol for businessesHouston businesses must be vigilant when it comes to their security protocols. At ABC Home & Commercial Services, we have developed several access control systems that can be used to keep a business protected from intrusion. One of the most essential modern-day aspects of security lies in biometric systems. The use of biometrics for identification purposes has existed in one form since at least the late 19th century. We’ve used the technology behind biometrics to introduce practical, flexible, identity-based solutions that work. Here are some of the ways biometric security can benefit a business.

Increased Protection

If you employ only a lock-and-key system to protect your business, what happens when you run afoul of an expert lockpick? One of the most essential advantages of biometric security systems is that they provide another level of protection. The more you can do to keep your data, assets, and secure information safe from intrusion, the better you can avoid disaster.

Take Forgetfulness out of the Equation

You’re running late for work. You get to the office, need to access the safe and realize that you left the combination at home. Now you’re pushed back because you must wait for another authorized user or return home to retrieve the information. Biometric systems don’t rely on keys, combinations, passcodes, or anything else you can forget. The power to unlock that safe is in your hands, literally! By using retinal scans, fingerprints, and other biological identifiers, the authorized user can only open these locks.

Keep Better Logs

In a traditional security system, you have limited options for determining who did what and when. For instance, let’s say a vital file went missing last night. You first need to know who accessed the files to understand what went wrong. With a traditional system, this information might not be available. With an integrated biometric system, however, you’ll have a log of exactly who accessed the files, bringing you one step closer to knowing where that file went.

Get Biometric Protection

As a business owner, you can’t rest easy until you know you’ve done everything possible to keep your assets safe. YOU CAN HAVE THAT PEACE OF MIND with ABC Home & Commercial Services’ biometric business security. Contact us today to find out more!

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