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Can Your Home Have Fleas Without Fido?

fleaHow to find the source of a mysterious infestation

Everyone knows that most flea invasions happen in homes with dogs or cats. However, it’s not entirely unusual to discover these thirsty pests in pet-free buildings. In reality, these insects may come from wild animals, secondhand goods or previous residents, and they can trigger a variety of health problems.

Flea Sources

If fleas invade your pet-free home, it’s possible that wild animals have taken up residence in the walls or attic. Common flea hosts include rats, squirrels and bats, according to Texas A&M University. Many buildings have holes or cracks that these creatures can easily infiltrate. Feral animals may also carry diseases and mites, so it’s vital to remove them quickly.

Did you recently move to a different home? If the previous resident had a pet with fleas, the insects might have laid eggs in your carpet. A seemingly pest-free house can become infested when these eggs hatch. This may occur after the indoor temperature rises. Another possibility is that fleas entered your home from a neighboring townhouse or apartment that contains pets.

Bugs can also come from used or rented furnishings, especially if a previous owner had pets. For example, an old rug might carry enough fleas, larvae and eggs to infest your entire home. Be sure to carefully examine secondhand items for flea excrement. Fleas are often harder to spot than the tiny black specks that they leave behind. Online auctions rarely transmit pests through the mail. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to unwrap and inspect goods before you bring them indoors.

Health Concerns

Fleas normally don’t pose a serious danger to humans. Most people only endure itchy bites that cause mild discomfort. However, you may develop hives if you have a flea allergy. This insect also has the potential to transmit intestinal parasites and diseases. Some rats, raccoons, opossums and cats carry fleas that spread murine typhus, according to the city of Austin. This illness may cause large skin rashes that persist for months. It induces nausea, aches and fevers as well. Fortunately, rapid medical treatment can reduce its severity.

If your home suffers an inexplicable flea invasion, contact ABC Home & Commercial Services for assistance. Our pest control specialists will take steps to promptly eliminate these insects and identify their origin. We can also remove any wild animals that have sought refuge in your home. Our staff always strives to provide a comprehensive long-term solution to every problem.

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