Are Atlanta Residents At Risk for Zika Virus?

Zika is spread by tiger mosquitoes

You have probably heard of the Zika Virus and you may have seen last week’s article in the AJC. At least one case of Zika has been diagnosed in Atlanta so far in 2016, and the primary carrier of this diseases is a well-known pest in Atlanta: mosquitoes. Mosquitoes have plagued communities all over the world. It is almost ironic that such a tiny insect can cause enormous health epidemics. The species of mosquito that carries Zika is the Aedes Aegypti, which is not native to the Americas, but has recently invaded parts of Central and South America.

Zika Virus in Atlanta

ABC is dedicated to keeping our friends and neighbors informed when a public health concern arises in Atlanta. We usually don’t get questions from customers about mosquitoes until the summer hits, but this year we have because of Zika. We have the need-to-know answers to important questions you may have … Read Full Post »

Eating History: Termites Threaten Atlanta

Formosan subterranean termites cause problems throughout Atlanta. Although these pests originated in China, they traveled to Taiwan and Japan before reaching the shores of Georgia. Unfortunately, these termites are able to consume large amounts of wood in a short amount of time. In addition to this, they build enormous colonies, which is what makes them one of the most destructive types of termites on Earth.

Threats to Atlanta

These termites are not picky about structure types. They are happy to snack on boats, homes, furniture and trees. They are certainly a threat to any residential or commercial building with wood, but one of the biggest threats they pose is to Atlanta’s historic buildings. Some of the city’s finest and most attractive structures contain plenty of wood. These businesses and homes contain floors, frames, exteriors and doors made of wood.

How to Spot These Termites

In some cases, winged termites may make bold appearances in … Read Full Post »

Brown Widow Spider Sightings May Require an Atlanta Exterminator

In the 1990s, brown widow spiders began appearing in Atlanta. While the bite of a brown recluse or black widow is considered a greater health risk, the bite of a brown widow should not be ignored.

Bite Risks

The brown widow is in the Latrodectus family, which makes it kin to the black widow. Its venom is just as toxic as a black widow’s, but it does not spread the same way. While a black widow’s venom spreads quickly, the venom of the brown widow is usually confined to the surrounding tissue. Brown widows also deliver less venom per bite, so it is not deadly. However, it is still enough to cause pain and redness at the bite site. Some people experience radiating pain throughout other body regions. In some cases, nausea, muscle spasms and headaches have been reported. It is best to watch the bite closely, and seek medical help if … Read Full Post »