3 Tips to Having a Pest-Free Vacation

After that nice cold winter we had summer wasted no time in letting us know we were still in Texas. 100+ degree days already and it’s only June! It’s defiantly vacation time .On top of that the bugs are moving and just like you they are looking to beat the heat. Here are a few thing you might check before you head out the door for cooler climates.

1. Security Lighting: Most people like to deter snoops and thieves by leaving exterior lights on while they are out of town. It may help keep the crooks away, but those same lights shine like a beacon calling bugs to your home. The longer the light shines the more bugs that come. And getting that many bugs together is too much of a temptation for hungry spiders. You’ve created your own little pest house party when all you really wanted to do is … Read Full Post »

Fire Ants

The fire ant (red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren), is an invasive insect whose sting can cause serious problems.  Where imported fire ants are common, most homeowners recognize them by the mounds they build or the stings they inflict.  However, there are also other characteristics to look for.  Their aggressive nature compared to other ant species is one such trait. If a mound is disturbed, usually hundreds of fire ant workers will swarm out and run up vertical surfaces to sting.  These ants are social insects and unlike many insect pests, they are very organized.  Fire ants are aggressive and will defensively attack anything that disturbs them.  Fire ants can sting repeatedly.  Symptoms of a fire ant sting include burning, itching and a white, fluid-filled pustule that forms a day or two afterward.


Colonies consist of the brood and several types (castes) of adults.  The whitish objects often found at the top of … Read Full Post »