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How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies

how to get rid of fruit flies

What’s that buzzing around your kitchen? Are little bugs swarming your trash can or congregating on your fresh fruit? If you ever have tiny gnat-like insects hanging out in your kitchen, chances are they’re fruit flies. Once you begin to notice them, fruit flies appear to be everywhere. Not long after you start seeing fruit flies in your house, many homeowners realize they are ready to get rid of these pesky insects.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Before we discuss how to get rid of fruit flies in your house, let’s learn a little more about these animals and how they make it into your home.

What Are Fruit Flies?

These insects are small flies of the Drosophila species, and although tiny, when magnified they actually look a lot like houseflies. As described by entomologists, adult fruit flies are about 1/8 inch long, and although you can’t see them, they have red … Read Full Post »

Will Capybaras Become Orlando’s Next Pest?

capybara facts

For anyone who has seen the cult-classic movie The Princess Bride, capybaras might bring to mind “Rodents of Unusual Size,” the giant, fanged rat-creatures inhabiting the film’s Fire Swamp. While adult capybaras aren’t nearly as big or ferocious as the R.O.U.S., they’re certainly an arresting sight, at least for those of us used to smaller rodents like rats, mice and guinea pigs. But unlike the R.O.U.S., capybaras aren’t a fantasy animal. They’re very real, and they make their home in certain parts of the United States as well as regions of Central and South America. In fact, capybaras have recently been spotted in Florida, which has made some scientists wonder what impact they will have.

Will Capybaras Become Orlando’s Next Pest?

While not indigenous to the United States, capybaras are sometimes kept as pets in the U.S., and some of them have been sighted in Florida rivers and swamps. Florida’s capybara population … Read Full Post »

Wildlife Rescue Organizations In Orlando

wildlife rescue Orlando

Both humans and wildlife can agree on one thing: Florida is a great state in which to live. However, animals can become a nuisance in new neighborhoods. Unfortunately, in these areas, animals can become injured when they are hit by cars. In these cases, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organizations serve an important role.

Orlando Wildlife Rescue Groups

Rescue groups can help capture animals caught in bad situations, take care of their health issues, and when possible, release them back into the wild in areas where they can live out their lives safely.

Types of Wildlife In Florida

Because of our temperate climate and plenty of water and food resources, Florida is home to a wide range of wildlife. Below is just a handful of the many different animal species that we are fortunate to have in our area:

  • Bald Eagles
  • Florida Panthers
  • Scrub Jays
  • Manatees
  • Key Deer

Liven Up Your Home With Winter Decorations

winter decorations

Want to bring a little taste of winter inside without overwhelming your house with traditional Christmas decorations? Or perhaps you’re searching for some seasonally-appropriate decor once your presents are unwrapped and your tree is put away. Look no further – we have lots of ideas for winter decorations for you to try!

Decorate with Nature

If you are looking for winter decorating ideas, natural accents are the way to go. You might consider adding a few of the following elements to your home:

  • Choose boughs of evergreens like pine and fir to decorate your dining room table and fireplace.
  • Pinecones, with or without a dusting of artificial snow, are great around candles or as part of a centerpiece.
  • Try a glass bowl filled with acorns (caps still included, of course).
  • For extra pizazz and staying power, use silver or gold spray paint on large dried … Read Full Post »

Hate Mosquitoes? Then You Should Love Bats

benefits of bats

When you think of bats, do you imagine vampires sucking your blood or scary Halloween decorations? If so, you might want to reconsider those preconceived notions. Bats are very misunderstood mammals that don’t hurt humans or our pets. On the contrary, these creatures serve a vital role in our ecosystem.

The Benefits of Bats

Let’s learn more about the different types of bats in Florida and the important function they serve. Once you learn how amazing bats are, you might want to encourage them to move into your backyard!

Facts About Bats

Bats are small winged mammals of the order Chiroptera and can be found throughout the world. Their forelimbs (arms) have webbed wings, and they are the only mammals that can maintain true flight.

The vast majority are insectivores, meaning they eat flying insects. Some species eat fruit and nectar. Only a few rare species eat living creatures other than insects. Out of … Read Full Post »

It’s Not Just For Kids: Things To Do In Orlando For Adults

Things to do in Orlando for adults

When we think of Orlando, the first thing that usually comes to mind is childhood memories filled with mouse ears, candy shops, and pictures alongside your favorite Disney characters. When it comes to Orlando, the first thing most people think of is often Disney World and Universal Studios.

Our Favorite Things To Do in Orlando For Adults

Despite its association with roller coasters and face paint, Orlando is a great place for adults as well. The city is full of restaurants, events, and outdoor activities just for grown-ups. Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Orlando:

Take In the Views

If you’re from Orlando, chances are you’ve seen every corner of Disney World. But have you ever experienced it from above? See its vast size while soaring above in a hot-air balloon. Riders can choose a sunrise flight for unforgettable views of Orlando’s many forests and lakes, in addition to … Read Full Post »

Christmas In Orlando: Things To Do During The Holidays

Christmas in Orlando

Here in Orlando, we understand that we may celebrate the holidays differently than in other parts of the country. Instead of getting out our mittens and hats, we can sometimes swim on Christmas Day, if the weather cooperates. Rather than snowy skies, we can enjoy the sunshine nearly year-round. Families from across the country flock to Orlando during the holiday season to escape the more wintery weather.

How We Celebrate the Holidays in Orlando

Although the weather outside is rarely frightful, we still find plenty of Christmas things to do in Orlando.

Giving Back During the Holidays

The holidays are a season for giving, and we are thankful there are many opportunities to give back to the Orlando community. Hands On Orlando is a great organization to find volunteer opportunities for individuals, as well as groups and families. Children as young as three can participate with a parent, and there is an easy online calendar … Read Full Post »

Our Favorite Things To Do In Orlando

Things to do in Orlando

There’s no doubt about it: Orlando is known for its theme parks. From Walt Disney World and Islands of Adventure to Epcot and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter—people gather from all over the world to witness the fun and excitement of these parks. A trip to either of these is a guaranteed memorable experience. As all of us who call Orlando home know well, there are plenty of things to do in Orlando besides theme parks.

Our Favorite Things To Do In Orlando

From indoor activities to exploring the great outdoors to things to do in Orlando for free, there’s something for everyone in the family. In a city like Orlando, there’s no reason to stay at home or stuck in a hotel room. Read along as we tour the lesser known, but not-less-fun, activities our city has to offer.

Visit a Museum

Museums are often associated with a trip to New York … Read Full Post »

What Are German Roaches?

What is a German roach

What is a German Roach?  

There’s no good time to find a cockroach running across your kitchen floor. Unfortunately, though, most homeowners have encountered such a sight more than once. And with more than 3,500 species worldwide and 55 species in the United States, a scurrying cockroach is a common household occurrence.

Cockroaches are incredibly adaptable and have adjusted to the earth’s changes for more than 300 million years; their diet, size, and ability to reproduce quickly and in large numbers enables the species to endure the test of time.

The two most common species found in homes throughout the United States are the German cockroach and the American cockroach. What are German roaches, exactly? Where do German roaches come from? More importantly, how can you tell which kind of roach may be inside your home?

What They Look Like  

Appearance is one of the easiest ways to identify the type of cockroach that … Read Full Post »

DID YOU KNOW? It’s Rodent Awareness Week!

roof rats

Did you know that it’s Rodent Awareness Week 2016?

Every year, the National Pest Management Association sponsors a Rodent Awareness Week to educate homeowners about some of the most cringe-worthy pests — rats and mice. Rodent Awareness Week is the perfect time of year to learn what will keep mice away and what will repel rats so you can get them out of your home.

In Orlando, it isn’t uncommon to find rodents or their droppings around decks, storage sheds, attics, or the roof. Our customers often ask us how to get rid of rats on their own. This can be tricky without the help of an exterminator. But there are a few things that homeowners should know before calling in a professional.

Why & When Do Rodents Move In?

Rodents will enter a person’s property for one or both of the following reasons: food & shelter during winter. While mice and rats find their way onto … Read Full Post »