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2017 San Antonio Bucket List, Summer Edition

2017 San Antonio Bucket List Summer

Looking for the top things to do this summer in San Antonio, Texas? It’s heating up outside, and your summer bucket list 2017 starts here!

2017 San Antonio Bucket List, Summer Edition

San Antonio summer fun activities range from cultural events to awesome amusement parks, dining experiences you can’t have anywhere else in the world and so much more. When it comes to the top things to do this summer in San Antonio, there’s truly something for everyone. Read on to get our ideas on how to have the best summer in San Antonio!

Take Your Kids to the Zoo, the DoSeum and Kiddie Park

The San Antonio Zoo in Brackenridge Park is a wonderland of all kinds of animals living in habitats nestled along trails and amongst lush foliage. You can ride the train or the Zootennial Carousel or visit the spectacular butterfly garden. Near the zoo is the DoSeum, San Antonio’s children’s … Read Full Post »

How to Treat Ant Bites

how to treat fire ant bites

For such a tiny creature, ants have quite an impact on humans. These insects have lived on Earth for over 100 million years, outlasting the dinosaurs. As social animals, ants live in groups that can number in the millions. Although ants perform an important function in nature, bites from these pests can be annoying, painful and can even trigger a life-threatening allergic reaction in some individuals.

How To Treat Ant Bites

To help better understand how to treat an ant bite, it’s helpful to know about the different types of ants you might encounter and what attracts them to your home. Once you have treated your ant bite, you’ll also want to learn how to avoid an infestation so you won’t getting bitten in the future.

The Fire Ant

The ant most commonly associated with painful stings is the fire ant, which is sometimes called the red ant or simply RIFA (for red imported … Read Full Post »

What Is a Mosquito Hawk?

What Is a Mosquito Hawk

Mosquito hawks, also known as crane flies, are often mistaken for huge, threatening mosquitoes—but they are not a type of mosquito at all. In fact, they aren’t even related to mosquitoes, despite the fact that they are rumored—incorrectly—to feed on mosquitoes and their larvae.

What Is A Mosquito Hawk?

What do these huge flying insects eat? Do mosquito hawks bite humans, the way mosquitoes do? And perhaps most importantly, how can you keep these insects out of your home and yard?

What Mosquito Hawks Aren’t

First, let’s clear up a couple of misconceptions about mosquito hawks. Crane flies are not the only insect species referred to by that name. Dragonflies are also sometimes called mosquito hawks since they actually do prey on mosquitoes (along with other small, flying insects) for food. Contrary to popular rumor, however, dragonflies aren’t an effective factor in mosquito control, as they don’t eat nearly enough of those bloodsucking pests … Read Full Post »

Toilet Auger vs. Snake: Which Tool to Use and Why


Have you ever walked into your bathroom to find a clogged toilet? If you have, we’re sure you’d prefer not to have to experience that again. If you haven’t, we hate to break it to you, but you probably will at some point. You’ll want to be ready to know what to do when you have to deal with a clogged toilet and which tools are best for the job. Two of the more common tools homeowners use for basic plumbing repairs are toilet augers and snakes.

Toilet Auger vs. Snake

When do you need a toilet auger and in what situations is a snake the right tool for the job? Read on to find out.

The Toilet Auger

One of the most common tools for unclogging a toilet is the toilet auger. Also known as a water closet auger or plumbing snake, this device is designed to move through the drain of the toilet … Read Full Post »

Types of Poison Ivy and How to Identify Them

Types of poison ivy

Grilling with friends, swinging in a hammock or lying on a blanket, gazing up into the trees: leisure time spent outdoors is what homeowners look forward to after a long day at work or during the weekends. But enjoying your outdoor living space—or just getting outside to do some yard work—can be a dicey prospect if you have pockets of poison ivy hiding on your property. This invasive plant produces a volatile oil (called urushiol oil) that can cause real injury to humans in the form of an itchy, blistering rash that develops after skin-to-plant contact. 

Types of Poison Ivy and How to Identify Them

To avoid the unpleasant experience of dealing with the rash associated with contact with this plant, you’ll want to know how to identify poison ivy, including learning about the different types of poison ivy. If you know what to look out for, you can avoid this plant … Read Full Post »

San Antonio Homeowners Guide for Spring 2017

San Antonio Homeowners Guide for Spring 2017


Spring is a great time of year to turn your focus as a homeowner to how to improve your living and outdoor spaces. The return of nicer weather is also a great excuse to get out, enjoying all San Antonio has to offer.

San Antonio Homeowners Guide for Spring 2017

ABC Home & Commercial Services has been making life easier for homeowners for over 60 years. Our San Antonio Homeowners Guide for Spring 2017 is full of resources and helpful information to continue on that tradition.

The 9-page Guide includes:

  • Ten Things to Do in San Antonio This Spring
  • Spring Home Maintenance Checklist
  • Spring Cleaning List of Where to Donate or Dispose of Common Household Items Locally
  • Advice on How to Mosquito-Proof Your Yard
  • Spring Gardening Tips
  • 6 Signs You May Need to Repair Your AC
  • What You Need to Know About Oak Wilt
  • Easy Home Improvement Projects

Download the guide here. Read on for a taste of the information you’ll find … Read Full Post »

Early Signs of Termites

Early signs of termites

Termite damage to your home can be a costly—not to mention stressful—problem to resolve. That’s why preventing termite infestation before it begins is the best way to avoid the extensive damage that can be caused by these invasive pests.

Early Signs of Termites

Fortunately, there are many ways to spot early signs of termites, so you can treat the problem before it spreads. Read on to learn more about warning signs that might indicate termites are nearby, and what to do if you suspect there is termite activity in or around your home.

Types of Termites

North America is home to two main varieties of termites: subterranean and drywood

Subterranean termites need plenty of moisture to survive, so they make their nests in soil. Their nests are connected to food sources such as fence posts, trees or houses, by way of mud tubes. Subterranean termites eat along the grain of soft wood. The distinctive honeycomb … Read Full Post »

How To Start a Vegetable Garden From Scratch

How to start a vegetable garden from scratch

There is nothing quite like enjoying food that you grow yourself. Whether you are just looking for some herbs to add to recipes, a way to spend quality time with your family outside or if you want to embark upon something more ambitious, homeowners should know that starting a vegetable garden from scratch is not impossible if you learn the basics.

How to Start a Vegetable Garden from Scratch

Although springtime is the most popular time to start a garden, the growing season in warmer parts of the country is virtually year-round. Whenever you decide to give Central Texas gardening a try, we have some tips to help set you up for success.

Prepare Your Garden Bed

Choose a spot in your yard that receives full sun. In hotter climates, a fence or building that shades the plot during the hottest afternoon hours can give your plants a helpful reprieve from the heat and … Read Full Post »

How to Trim a Tree

how to trim a tree

The most valuable part of your home’s landscape is the trees. Healthy, mature shade trees significantly improve a home’s curb appeal and value, and often reduce energy costs.

How To Trim a Tree

In this article, we’ll look at how you can safely trim a tree without causing harm to the tree itself.

Why Should You Prune a Tree?

There are a number of reasons why a homeowner might want to trim trees on their property. Here are a few of the reasons why pruning a tree makes sense:

  • Removing dead limbs before they can cause damage to property, people or pets.
  • Allowing more sunlight into the yard.
  • Preventing rodents and other pests from using branches as a pathway to your roof.
  • Eliminating branches that interfere with fencing, structures or other landscaping.
  • Creating a better shape or removing erratic growth.
  • Removing suckers (new growth) at the base … Read Full Post »

How To Dispose of Household Items in San Antonio

How to dispose of trash San Antonio

Just because we can throw an item in the trash can doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. You probably already know that there’s a list of household items that don’t belong in the trash—just as you know there are things you can’t put in your sink’s garbage disposal. But what should you do with other common items around your home, such as light bulbs, appliances, electronics and everyday cleaning products?

Read Full Post »