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How to Trim a Tree

how to trim a tree

The most valuable part of your home’s landscape is the trees. Healthy, mature shade trees significantly improve a home’s curb appeal and value, and often reduce energy costs.

How To Trim a Tree

In this article, we’ll look at how you can safely trim a tree without causing harm to the tree itself.

Why Should You Prune a Tree?

There are a number of reasons why a homeowner might want to trim trees on their property. Here are a few of the reasons why pruning a tree makes sense:

  • Removing dead limbs before they can cause damage to property, people or pets.
  • Allowing more sunlight into the yard.
  • Preventing rodents and other pests from using branches as a pathway to your roof.
  • Eliminating branches that interfere with fencing, structures or other landscaping.
  • Creating a better shape or removing erratic growth.
  • Removing suckers (new growth) at the base … Read Full Post »

How To Dispose of Household Items in San Antonio

How to dispose of trash San Antonio

Just because we can throw an item in the trash can doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. You probably already know that there’s a list of household items that don’t belong in the trash—just as you know there are things you can’t put in your sink’s garbage disposal. But what should you do with other common items around your home, such as light bulbs, appliances, electronics and everyday cleaning products?

How To Dispose of Common Household Items in San Antonio

Before you look into disposal options, make sure there are no local organizations which can benefit from the item you no longer use. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to learn more about how to properly dispose of the item in question. Not only will you be diverting materials from the waste stream, but also you will help prevent dangerous chemicals from making their way into our soil and water.

What To Do With … Read Full Post »

Where To Donate Household Items In San Antonio

Where to donate household items San Antonio

Wondering where to donate household items in the San Antonio area? Maybe you’ve cleared out a closet or two—or an entire attic or garage—and now you have boxes on your hands full of things you know shouldn’t end up in the landfill, but shouldn’t hang around your living space any longer, either.

Clearing your home of clutter is a process with many benefits, including emotional ones for you and life-changing ones for others, if you choose to donate your unwanted items to a charitable organization that works to help people in need. All you need to do is find out where to donate unwanted items, including San Antonio clothing donation dropoff locations, and you can get started on improving your own life along with someone else’s.

Where to Donate Household Items in San Antonio

The San Antonio area has many options for donating your used clothing, furniture, household goods and other items. … Read Full Post »

Everything You Need To Know About San Antonio Rodents [INFOGRAPHIC]

San Antonio Texas rats

Rodents are everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except Antarctica. These animals are native to every other continent on Earth.

Sometimes cute and furry and sometimes menacing, there are many different types of rodents. From the world’s largest rodent, the capybara, which can grow to be the size of a dog to the pygmy jerboa, which reaches only five centimeters long, these animals have had a significant impact on humans.  

The most common types of rodents homeowners encounter are mice and rats. While these furry creatures can serve as pets, many of us find the presence of these animals in and around their homes to be a nuisance at best and a dangerous pest when it comes to transmitting disease and damaging or destroying property.

For decades, ABC has helped remove rodents, pest and other types of wildlife from home and businesses. See how much you know about types of rats in San Antonio, … Read Full Post »

Where Do Silverfish Come From?

where do silverfish come from

There’s just something about silverfish that make people’s skin crawl. It could be the animal’s prehistoric appearance, with segmented bodies and long legs and antennae. Or maybe it’s the fact that they tend to show up inside our favorite books or on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night. Whatever it is, for some people these small insects are the stuff of nightmares.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what these little creatures are, where silverfish come from and how to get rid of them safely.

What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) are small, wingless insects. These creatures typically live for two to eight years, and they get their name from their silvery color and the way the wiggle like a fish out of water. They have long antennae and generally don’t get bigger than ¾ of an inch long.

Do Silverfish Bite?

Surprisingly, despite their over-the-top creepy … Read Full Post »

Do Rats Hibernate In Winter?

Do rats hibernate in winter

During the colder months, some animals have developed adaptation strategies to survive. Monarch butterflies fly thousands of miles to spend winters in Mexico. Since food is harder to find, squirrels uncover acorns in winter that they buried during the warmer months. We often see geese fly overhead on their way south when it’s colder out. But what about rats?

Do Rats Hibernate During Winter?

As terrified—and repulsed—as you may be when you see a rat during colder months, you can’t help but wonder: “Why am I seeing rats in winter? Don’t they hibernate?” While it’s easy to assume that rats do hibernate, as many pests and outdoor animals do, rodents actually don’t become less active during the colder months. In fact, rats use lower temperatures as an excuse to seek shelter, food and warmth in the place they are not welcome: in our homes.

To learn more about a rat’s winter habits and … Read Full Post »

How To Grow a Drought Tolerant Lawn

Keeping your grass green and healthy can be a struggle in parts of the country which regularly experience drought. In these regions, there may be only small fluctuations in climate between seasons, and the summer months can be extremely hot. While the mostly steady climate is reliable and livable for residents, months of dry, rainless days can be taxing on your lawn and garden.

How to Grow a Drought Tolerant Lawn

For homeowners looking for ways to grow a more drought tolerant lawn, there is hope. Read below to learn what you can do to improve your lawn’s resistance to drought.

Water Effectively

It may seem counterintuitive, but overwatering your lawn can do more harm than good for your grass and plants. Watering your lawn several times a week—something many homeowners do—can prevent your lawn’s roots from growing deeper in the soil. In other words, overwatered roots only grow a few inches into the … Read Full Post »

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Moths

best way to get rid of moths

Moths can be a mystery to homeowners. To determine the best way to get rid of moths, you’ll need to learn how to identify the types of moths and eggs you might be seeing in your home, how to prevent these bothersome insects from damaging your home, and how to treat your home to get rid of these common household pests.

Where Do Moths Come From?

Moths generally make their way into your home in product packaging you bring home from a store or warehouse. Some moths may hatch over time in items which you have stored for an extended period of time, like birdseed. Usually, an infestation in your closet can be traced back to a single article of clothing (so wash that sweater from the thrift store before you put it in your closet!)

Identifying and Treating Pantry Moths and Larvae

Some common moths you may have in your home are pantry … Read Full Post »

Strange But True: Our Craziest Pest Control Calls

strange but true

As a company that’s been helping Austinites take care of pests for over 60 years, ABC Home & Commercial Services has made thousands of house calls. In most cases, our skilled and knowledgeable technicians quickly put homeowners’ minds at ease with a thorough inspection and a suggested course of action to get rid of pests. In a few cases, however, our pest control experts have run across some bothersome critters which necessitate a more creative approach. Over the years, we have collected a number of strange but true pest stories.

Strange But True: Our Craziest Pest Control Calls

As Texas’ largest independently owned pest control company, we’ve had our share of memorable pest control calls. We’d like to share a few of these strange but true stories with you.

Jake The Racoon Causes Trouble

One of our most memorable experiences in the pest control business involved a wily raccoon our technicians affectionately called Jake. … Read Full Post »

How Organic Fertilizer Can Save You Money

The word organic often evokes a negative reaction from consumers. While the benefits of organic products and lasting impacts on one’s health and the long-term effects they have on the environment are positive, many are quick to assume that the higher prices don’t outweigh those long-term outcomes. When it comes to your lawn, the benefits of organic fertilizer, even from a cost perspective, are worth the investment.

How Organic Fertilizer Can Save You Money

When it comes to your lawn, your health, and the environment, it’s important to consider the long-term consequences of the products you choose. When you are evaluating the pros and cons of organic fertilizer, cost is certainly a consideration. And while the initial costs of organic fertilizers might be more expensive, using organic fertilizer today will help you save money tomorrow.

Fertilizers made from synthetic materials may achieve short-term results, but organic ingredients allow plants to absorb nutrients … Read Full Post »