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Central Texas Drought May Be Producing Mutant Mosquitoes

The newly improved pests bring bigger bites and fatter bodies to your backyard

Do drought conditions affect mosquito populations in Austin?For homeowners in Central Texas, the ongoing drought has many ramifications. Drought conditions change the way you maintain your lawn and use water in your home. They may even impact your pocketbook at the grocery store, where the effects of droughts across the nation are seen in food prices. You might be surprised to learn that the drought is also having an intriguing impact on one of the state’s most hated pests, the mosquito.

Are Mutant Mosquitoes Biting in Your Backyard?

Mosquitoes, known for their irritating bites, rely on water sources in order to lay eggs and maintain their populations. In fact, these bothersome pests are often found in areas with standing water such as still streams and backyard puddles. For many homeowners, the ongoing drought seems like the perfect solution to burgeoning mosquito populations.

Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Contrary to what seems like common sense, drought conditions have actually forced mosquitoes to mutate so that they are larger, fly farther, bite harder and live longer. This spells bad news for area homeowners who look forward to enjoying their backyards during cooler evenings and mornings.

Many homeowners report that nothing they do to discourage mosquitoes works. Bug sprays, citronella candles and other devices meant to scare away the pests seem less effective to many, especially parents who are trying to keep small kids from getting bitten. Concerns about mosquito populations have led researchers from the University of North Texas to take a closer look at the bugs.

According to reports from researchers, mosquitoes are indeed adapting to drought conditions in the Austin area. Scientists say that there may be fewer mosquitoes this year, but remaining populations are biting aggressively and living a long time. It’s important to take extra precautions if you find mosquitoes around your property, because these larger, aggressive mosquitoes may lead to more cases of West Nile Virus.

Managing Bigger, Meaner Mosquitoes

Unfortunately, there are no good do-it-yourself solutions to controlling this year’s pesky mosquito population. If you’re faced with a large number of mosquitoes in your backyard, consider calling in a pest control professional. It’s important to have the bugs eradicated and create a plan for discouraging their return.

Fighting mutant mosquitoes isn’t a one-man job. For help tackling bothersome mosquitoes, call to make an appointment with the pros at ABC Home & Commercial Services today, or fill out our online form.

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