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Chikungunya Virus Found in Texas

Can Proper Pest Control Stop the Spread of Chikungunya?

Chikungunya is a potentially deadly disease that can only be transmitted by mosquitoes. According to the CDC, there are no viable medications or vaccines to treat or prevent this illness. In other words, it’s critical for everyone to be aware of this problem so that they can protect themselves and their family. Although Chikungunya has typically been found in Europe, Asia, Africa and in the Pacific and Indian oceans, it has recently made its way to America.

What Has Happened so Far in Texas?

From July 7 – August 14, 2014, the state of Texas went from confirming one human case of Chikungunya to having 10 patients diagnosed with this disease. During this time period, one mosquito has tested positive for chikungunya, and it’s still unknown if this was the result of biting an infected person or gaining entry to the U.S. by becoming trapped in some type of cargo. However, the Texas Department of State Health Services has indicated that all of the confirmed human cases were caused by traveling to areas overseas where Chikungunya is much more prevalent. Although this is good news for San Antonio residents, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe to put yourself at risk for a mosquito bite. After all, there are most likely more infected mosquitoes in the region, and a single bite could make you sick.

What Are the Symptoms of the Chikungunya Virus?

If you’re bitten by an infected mosquito, you’ll most likely begin to exhibit symptoms of this virus within three to seven days. Most people suffer from joint pain and a fever, but it’s also possible to develop a rash, muscle pain, headache and joint swelling. In severe cases, the symptoms of Chikungunya can become disabling, and there have been some reported fatalities. Although everyone needs to be aware of the danger that is associated with Chikungunya infected mosquitoes, there are some groups that are at a much higher risk such as elderly individuals, newborns and people who have diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease.

How Can I Protect My Family?

The best way to prevent Chikungunya from affecting your family is to take preventative measures, including avoiding areas with a lot of mosquito activity, using an insect repellent that contains DEET and wearing pants and a long-sleeved shirt when you know that you will be around a lot of mosquitoes. Additionally, you can turn to a professional pest control company to have your lawn treated. ABC Home & Commercial Services has a proven Environmental Mosquito Management program that’ll prevent these pests from claiming your yard as their home.

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