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Chill More, Pay Less: How AC Maintenance Can Help You Save

Without your air conditioning system, you’d be stuck suffering through the extreme heat of Austin summers without any relief. Your AC unit goes a long way toward keeping you comfortable and sane during warmer months when you rely on it to provide efficient, effective service. One of the best ways to ensure that you can always stay cool inside is to take care of regular AC maintenance tasks. Keeping up on maintenance helps protect your system and boost its efficiency so that you can enjoy cooler temperatures and lower utility bills.

Is HVAC Maintenance Really Important?

When you first purchased your air conditioning system, it was calibrated to provide for the very best service possible. Ensuring that your system provides for the same level of service as it did when you first had it installed means tackling maintenance tasks. Much like your personal vehicle, your AC unit needs to be cleaned, lubed and calibrated in order to continue functioning. Failure to keep up on maintenance tasks can lead to efficiency losses and costly breakdowns.

Many homeowners don’t realize the significance of efficiency changes over time. As more dirt and dust accumulates in your air conditioner, the unit must work harder to push out cooled air. Dusty fans and vents can hamper the flow of air, and clogged AC filters can even reduce your unit’s efficiency by 5% to 15%. These efficiency decreases can lead to serious increases in utility bills.

Of course, regular maintenance also helps protect the value of your entire HVAC system. When you choose professional maintenance, a technician will not only clean and calibrate your unit, they’ll also inspect it for any potential repair problems. After maintenance is complete, you’ll be able to talk to your technician about what steps need to be taken to prevent breakdowns and increase system efficiency.

Taking Care of AC Maintenance Tasks

For many Austin homeowners, taking care of maintenance tasks is simply too much of a burden. If you don’t have time to tackle maintenance or don’t have the knowledge to take care of service tasks, call a professional. A trained technician will have the know-how needed to take care of maintenance tasks and inspect your unit for possible problems.

Some homeowners can complete basic maintenance, such as changing air filters and clearing dust from vents, on their own. However, you should leave more intensive maintenance tasks to the pros. Trained technicians not only know how to take care of basic service, they can also calibrate your unit to ensure that it provides a factory-standard level of service.

There’s no need to stress over HVAC maintenance tasks. Simply call ABC Home & Commercial Services today or visit us online to set up your quick and easy maintenance appointment.

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