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The City of Bryan wants to help you get rid of those mosquitoes!

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With diseases like Zika and the West Nile virus, it’s more important than ever to reduce your exposure to mosquitoes. Managing these biting nuisances on your own property can be hard enough, but if your neighbors aren’t also taking steps to control them, you face a losing battle. Short of staying inside all summer, is there anything you can do?

For people in Bryan, there’s good news. City leaders are committed to reducing the mosquito threat. Realizing that controlling these insects is a community effort, Bryan established a special Mosquito Abatement Program (COBMAP). Their program team up with residents, neighborhood groups and homeowner associations to fight mosquitoes throughout the city.

How can you help reduce mosquitoes in your neighborhood

The Bryan Mosquito Abatement Program recognizes that the best way to banish mosquitoes is to get everyone involved in the effort. To this end, there are several things you can do immediately to turn the tables on the mosquito menace:

  • Keep lawns and common areas mowed.
  • Remove any tall weeds, especially along fence lines and waterways.
  • Drain all standing water on your property, and remove trash and other items where water can collect, such as old tires, potted plants, plastic bags, or pet food bowls.
  • Use mosquito dunks in birdbaths (and other areas that intentionally hold water) to safely control mosquito larvae. These are safe for wildlife.
  • Consider adding small fish (especially those commonly called ‘mosquito fish’) to ponds to consume mosquito larvae.
  • Keep water flowing in neighboring creeks by clearing out weeds and trash.
  • Clean leaves and debris from gutters.
  • Consider installing bat houses to encourage bats to move into your community. These small mammals don’t hurt humans or pets, and will consume thousands of mosquitoes nightly throughout the summer.

It’s even better if you can encourage neighbors to do the same through personal conversations, neighborhood meetings, and posting on social media like Facebook and

How can the City of Bryan help?

The City of Bryan wants to make mosquito control easy and accessible to all people who live in the city. As part of their Mosquito Control Program, the city is distributing mosquito control products.

Bryan residents can pick up mosquito dunks at one of two locations during business hours Monday-Friday:

Municipal Service Center (1111 Waco Street)
Parks and Recreation office (1309 East Martin Luther King)

Neighborhood association representatives can call the Public Works Department at (979) 209-5900 to schedule an appointment to pick up mosquito projects and training.

If you’d like to learn more, you can visit the City of Bryan’s Mosquito Control Program information page.

When to seek professional assistance

While the Mosquito Abatement Program is a great way to start reducing mosquitoes on your property, you may still need help identifying all of the possible mosquito breeding locations, or have limited access to them. For example, if you have clogged gutters or a water feature on your property, you may need professionals to help you address those issues. If you and your family spend a lot of time outside, you may also want more fool-proof measures to eliminate mosquitoes.

That’s where ABC Home and Commercial Services Bryan-College Station can help. Our mosquito abatement experts can provide an inspection of your property to help you identify potential breeding areas. They can also discuss our special mosquito misting program for a comprehensive, ongoing solution to mosquitoes around your home.

If you want a hand with mosquitoes and other pests, be sure to give ABC Home and Commercial Services a call!

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