Common-Area Maintenance Means Common Pests

Should you be fighting on more fronts?

Understanding these ant facts can aid you in your pest control effortsAre your unwelcome guests really falling prey to your limited maintenance efforts, or are they savvy enough to simply move out temporarily before returning to their normal haunts? Vermin don’t need high-level intelligence to know it’s in their best interest to move somewhere else when the commercial pest control service starts spraying. If your treatment program isn’t comprehensive, you could just be spreading the problem to the rest of your Dallas building or facility.

Survival at All Costs

Creatures such as insects and rodents may lack the size advantages that humans and other animals count on, but they’re some of the planet’s most prevalent residents.

Researchers have discovered that ant colonies, for instance, go as far as using their bodies to make living rafts to protect their queens during floods, an act of dedication that most human families would be hard-pressed to imitate. Some cold-blooded insect species can convert more than 50% of their body moisture into extracellular ice to avoid freezing during long winters. Facts like these support the idea that if you simply treat one room for insects without taking care of other areas in the vicinity, you’ll either miss some bugs or they’ll take extraordinary measures to ensure their survival.

Defining Effective Action

Of course, you don’t immediately need to go to DEFCON status because you’ve got an infestation. The secret to effective pest control lies in targeting the areas that pests are likely to inhabit and not stopping just because you’ve hit a boundary like a wall.

Apartment building managers, for instance, have to do more than simply sanitize and debug their common rooms, lobbies and reception areas. Duct cleaning may also be necessary to eliminate favorite nesting spots and to cut off escape routes from the human-inhabited zones where most people typically focus their treatment efforts.

In the same vein, it may be advisable to perform follow-ups after your maintenance. Going back and confirming that the insects you thought you killed didn’t simply pop up in another place while you weren’t looking is the easiest way to get an accurate idea of whether your control strategies are actually working.

If your maintenance program isn’t comprehensive, you’ll be forced to redo the same things more often and building upkeep will likely become an endless nightmare. Discover more intelligent commercial pest control options by scheduling service from ABC Home & Commercial Services in Dallas today.

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