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Everything You Need To Know About Corpus Christi Rodents [INFOGRAPHIC]

There is a lot to like about living here in Corpus Christi. Watching the sun set over the ocean. Being able to feel the sand between our toes. Sailing, boating and fishing most of the year.

What’s not to like? Unfortunately, as in most cities, here in Corpus Christi, Texas, rats and mice live alongside us.

While rodents might look cute at the pet store, no homeowners look forward to seeing these furry creatures in or around our homes. They can cause damage to our homes, eat our food and transmit serious diseases.

What should homeowners know about rodents? What kinds are most common in our area? How do they find their way inside, and what are some warning signs that they may have taken up residence in our home? Perhaps most importantly, how can homeowners get rid of rats and mice, and keep them out? Learn all of this (and more) in our infographic below.

If you suspect rodents, wildlife or other pests have made their way inside your home, help is just a phone call (or a click) away. The pest control experts at ABC can provide you a free inspection and provide you with a recommended treatment plan to rid your home of any common household pests. Most importantly, ABC will offer suggestions to keep these pests away for good.

Corpus Christi Texas rats

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