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Create Flights of Fancy With a Butterfly Garden

Attracting butterflies with beautiful blossoms

Creating a butterfly garden is easier than you may thinkSplashed with vibrant color and scented with wonderful fragrance, a garden is a delight to the senses. Perhaps these are the same reasons that butterflies are so often attracted to gardens as well. Just watching them flit from flower to flower is part of the pleasure of being in a garden. In fact, luring butterflies into your Central Texas garden is just a matter of growing flowers that they enjoy. The right colors and shapes make all the difference in creating a butterfly garden that attracts people, too.

Plants with clusters of tiny flowers where butterflies can perch for a moment and sip the nectar are their favorites. Vivid yellows, reds, oranges and purples are the colors that attract butterflies’ attention. White also works well. You can’t go wrong combining these colors in your garden.

Sunflowers are a great choice. Ranging from 1 to well over 12 feet tall, they’re a cheerful presence whose sunny yellow color beckons to butterflies while their seeds lure birds. With a kaleidoscope of butterflies and birds fluttering about, your garden’s beauty will be instantly enhanced.

Then there’s the aster. A stalwart of the garden, the aster is daisy-like in appearance, producing large clusters of delicate-looking flowers in shades of red, purple, lavender, pink and white. Butterflies love them and you will, too, since they come into their own in late summer into early fall just as other flowers begin to fade.

Finally, since no butterfly garden would be complete without at least one butterfly bush, be sure to add one to your garden. Its soft plumes of flower clusters draw butterflies in droves, and its light scent is just as lovely. In tones that include lavender, pink and pure white, butterfly bushes are a pretty accent in any garden.

These are just a few of the wonderful plants that attract butterflies. The best part about all these plants is that caring for them is simple in a central Texas garden. Give them full sun and an occasional watering if drought conditions become severe, and they will thrive all summer, providing a beautiful haven for butterflies. Of course, if you’d like help with your butterfly landscaping in Bryan-College Station, give ABC Home & Commercial Services a call. Our landscaping specialists are happy to provide you with a free consultation to fast-track the perfect butterfly garden for your yard.

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