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Deck Out Your Landscaping for the Holidays

install-treeLet your great outdoors celebrate the season

Austin knows how to turn Christmas into a dazzling season, so why not put a special glow in your landscape this holiday season? Think beyond inflatable snowmen this year and turn your front yard into a holiday fantasy land.

Wrap the Trees

Threading lights through the trees always adds seasonal cheer to the front yard, but why stop at a few strings? Simple silhouettes of trunks and branches come alive when you wrap trees with brilliant strands of LED lights. Bottom-to-top trimming takes a little time, so you might opt for the easier effect of glittering icicles created from drapes of fairy lights. These tiny LED cousins are the size of rice grains, and their sway on an evening breeze brings magical life to the smallest saplings. Give tall evergreens and pines the full treatment with big, beautiful bulbs.

Trim the Shrubs

Shrubs might be short, but don’t overlook their holiday lighting potential. Twinkling net lights make it simple to cast a festive spell over your favorite bushes. Specialty bulb sets include delicate renditions of stars and snowflakes that capture the season’s spirit. Save traditional red and green brilliance for your larger trees. Dense hedges and shrubbery form perfect backgrounds for a dazzle of white radiance that bathes yard ornaments in bright light. (The illumination also adds an extra layer of security to your property during holiday celebrations.)

Light Up the Lawn

Bring out the seasonal best in your home landscaping plans by mixing up old and new holiday ideas. Those giant candies that you usually plant in the front yard look even yummier when they spill out of oversized plant containers. Braid classic garland and multi-colored rope lights for a modern twist that wraps around porch posts and fence railings. Add big, bright bows to last year’s light stakes, complement the front door wreath with a smaller twin on the front gate, and watch inflatable Frosty cheer up at the pile of faux presents around his chilly feet.

If you need help transforming your landscape into a holiday dreamscape, give us a call here at ABC Home & Commercial Services. Let us climb the ladders, hang the lights, and take it all down when your celebrations are over. We enjoy decorating, too, so we’re always happy to help.

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