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Deep Root Feeding: Do Your Trees Need It?

Deep root feeding, also known as deep root fertilization, is a treatment that delivers nutrients directly to the root zone of a tree or shrub. If a tree is not properly nourished, the tree cannot flourish. In the worst case scenario, tree removal may be necessary.

Is Deep Root Feeding Necessary?

Deep root feeding is not always necessary, but some trees do require it. Trees in the Houston area grow in an environment that can make it difficult to adequately fertilize trees using traditional broadcasting methods of fertilization. Here are some circumstances that require treatment:

  • If a tree is growing in very compact soil, nutrients are less likely to penetrate the soil and reach the root zone.
  • In some urban and suburban areas, trees are not able to gather adequate nutrients from the immediate environment.
  • If the branch and leaf growth of the tree appears to be stunted, this can be a serious sign that the tree is not obtaining adequate water and nutrients. In general, any signs of growth stress indicate some form of trouble.

If a property owner suspects that a tree is in need of deep root feeding, a professional consultation with ABC Home & Commercial Services can determine if a treatment is necessary.

The Process

Bruce Zimmerman of Open-Line Garden Show describes deep root fertilization as the process of punching holes in the ground to deposit either liquid or granular fertilizer near the tree’s root system. The holes are placed around the trunk, radiating away from the trunk to encircle the tree with multiple rings of holes. The placement of holes should occur inside and outside of the tree’s drip line, which is defined as the outermost point reached by the tree’s canopy. Depending on the tree, the depth of the holes should be between eight and 18 inches.

How Does Deep Root Feeding Work?

Unlike standard lawn fertilizers, deep root feeding penetrates the soil to reach the root zone. Additionally, the holes that are placed to inject the fertilizer help to loosen soil and allow water, oxygen and other nutrients to reach the roots after treatment.

Our specialists at ABC Home & Commercial Services can provide many tree maintenance needs, including deep root fertilization and tree pruning. We also specialize in a number of other Houston landscaping and lawn care services. Contact us at ABC today if you think your trees are in need of nutrients.

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