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Did You Know? Paint Color Can Help Reduce Stress!

Do you spend most of your day feeling stressed out? Have traditional stress relief techniques failed you? Changing the paint colors throughout your home with the help of Austin home improvement specialists at ABC Home & Commercial Services may be the solution to your stress problem!

Creative Latitude details the correlation between colors and mood in the article “Emotional Reactions to Color.” Some of the connections between paint color choices and the moods of people living in a household that are commonly observed are listed below.

• Blue is known to help people relax and cause a general feeling of serenity. People who often feel overwhelmed by stressful situations are advised to use paint colors in various shades of blue to reduce stress.

• Red commands attention and can evoke feelings of aggression. Red paint tones are only to be used in high-energy rooms like dining areas or kitchens. Avoid using reds in areas that are meant to be restful.

• Purple has been known to give people feelings of both tranquility and excitement. The combination of blue and red has been connected to a merging of the moods associated with both of its base colors.

• Green is an earth tone that many people subconsciously identify with life and friendliness. The natural feel of green paint colors make them ideal for people who would like their color choices to create a refreshing, soothing atmosphere.

• Yellow is associated with energy and creative moods. It can be used as a paint color in bathrooms and kitchens to help people feel energized, motivated and inspired as they start their day.

• Neutral tones like beige, light brown and eggshell are commonly used paint colors that can give homeowners a sense of calm. Combining neutral colors with pastel blue or green shades has been shown to aid in stress relief.

Want to change your paint color while avoiding any added stress that a DIY paint job can cause? If you’re ready to invest in Austin interior and exterior painting that can reduce your stress level, contact us at ABC Home & Commercial Services. Our specialists are experiencing in Austin remodeling and home improvement. We know how to change your environment so that your life is more relaxing each day.

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