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Do Cockroaches Make Noise? Your Questions Answered

Do cockroaches make noise

When these disgusting little creatures enter your home, questions may start popping into your head. Do cockroaches make noise? Do roaches like air conditioning? Do roaches hate the cold? Your mind can quickly start racing as you try to figure out why these pests have entered your home and how you can dissuade them from doing it again.

If you suspect that roaches hide in your walls to avoid getting sprayed or getting smashed with your shoe, you’re right. If you think these bugs are just trying to avoid human encounters, you’re wrong. We answer your top three questions below about what’s probably your least favorite bug below and share five bizarre facts about these insects below.

Do Cockroaches Make Noise?

Are roaches capable of making sounds? Some people say yes, and others say no. Certainly, seeing a cockroach can elicit high-pitched screams from an unsuspecting homeowner late at night. However, the most common species, the American and German roaches, are generally acknowledged to be silent. While some people assert that roaches do make noise, scientists guess that in most cases, the person is actually confusing a roach for a beetle.

That said, there is a cockroach species that does make noise. The Madagascar hissing cockroach hisses, like its name implies. This species makes sounds as part of its mating ritual and also to raise alarm. You are unlikely to see one of these gigantic pests outside of a museum, however. These insects from Madagascar live in the forest.

Do roaches like air conditioning

Do Roaches Like Air Conditioning?

According to Joseph Kunkel, a professor in the Biology Department at the University of Massachusetts, roaches prefer temperate climates when the thermometer reads anywhere from 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. So, as far as temperature goes, if you keep your home below this range, you may have a slightly better chance of roaches seeking warmer hiding spots.

One thing to keep in mind is that these pests are also attracted to moisture. So, if your air conditioner has dripped or has condensation, roaches can be attracted to your property.

Do Roaches Hate the Cold?

Roaches thrive in warm, moist climates. According to Scientific American, about half of German roaches will die at 24 degrees Fahrenheit within 10 hours of being at that temperature. At 14 degrees, about half will die within an hour. At a warmer 50 degrees, half of the roaches survived after being acclimated for two weeks. These hardy insects were able to survive for more than four days.

Do roaches hate the cold

Five Secrets Cockroaches Don’t Want You To Know

Now that we’ve covered some of the most frequently asked questions about roaches, let’s get into some lesser-known facts about these creepy creatures.

Roaches Drool For Sweet Memories

You won’t see roaches pushing buzzers on Jeopardy, but these pests can develop memories. Scientists discovered that the insects learn to associate specific odors with sugary substances. The research showed that roaches drooled when odors were present, even without the sweet treats in the equation. Pavlov’s dog would be disappointed to know his accomplishments were replicated by bugs that we consider brainless.

No Head? No Problem!

It’s not a scary urban myth; roaches can live for weeks without their heads. While this sounds like a weird superpower, cockroaches are capable of this strange feat because they possess very simple circulatory systems and breathe through tiny holes in their body. Although roaches don’t need heads to raid your cabinets, they do need their mouths to eat, so the headless bugs eventually die of starvation.

Roaches Love Your Beer

These pesky pests don’t care if you prefer a national brand or a Lone Star longneck. These insects can’t pass up a cold one because they relish hops, sugar and alcohol. Roaches are known to sip an occasional cabernet, but they really prefer a good brew. You can take comfort in the fact that drinking too much is lethal to these beer moochers.

Some Prefer Them On a Plate

This is the one secret roaches hate sharing. They’re edible and considered a delicacy in some cultures. Boiled, toasted or sautéed, these protein-packed bugs are a healthy choice relished by diners around the globe. Fried roaches are a popular snack in Asian bars, where the insects are served along with cold beer. We’re guessing that trend probably won’t catch on here anytime soon.

You Can’t Outrun Them

If you’re in great shape, you can run six miles per hour, so why can’t you outmaneuver roaches? These accomplished sprinters only hit speeds of three miles per hour, but that would translate to close to 200 miles per hour if they were your size. The insects also have six very flexible legs, lightning reflexes and plenty of secret hiding places. No wonder they are so hard to catch!

ABC Can Conquer Your Cockroaches

It’s hard to believe what cockroaches can do. While we can joke about these pests, the truth is that they are virtually everywhere, even in the cleanest of homes. These pests’ wily ways make them difficult for homeowners to deal with on their own. ABC pest control experts know all the secrets about roaches and other pests you may come across. With the help of our highly skilled pest control technicians, you can find these pests and come up with a plan to get rid of them, for good.

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  1. Action Pest Control Commented ()

    Another great blog post. It’s funny to see humans trying to outrun a cockroach. Visions of a housewife brandishing a broom while running against a cockroach comes to mind. And since they like beer, it is best to keep your favorite beverages out of the house once you’re done drinking. A beer trap is not a bad idea, though, since these pests have low alcohol tolerance.

    With roaches having so many secret hiding places, though, seeing a couple may mean there’s more. Let experts hunt them down for you as they know where these critters like to hide in.

  2. Valerie Commented ()

    Most people, especially in Texas, think that cockroaches are nasty, but they actually have several interesting qualities to them. The fact that cockroaches can live weeks without a head is both interesting and disturbing to me. When my daughter encounters a cockroach, she doesn’t try to outrun it, but she always looks for somewhere to climb up to.

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