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Do Wasps Fly South for the Winter?

waspsThere aren’t any beachfront retirement communities for wasps

During the warm season, wasps can be a serious scourge for homeowners across the San Antonio area. They’re especially problematic for homeowners with children and small pets. However, most observant San Antonians notice that wasps tend to either become scarcer or disappear completely during the winter. If you’ve ever wondered why this happens, we have some insight for you.

Wasp Life Cycles at a Glance

The life cycle of Texas wasps is an interesting, highly seasonal affair. As colonial creatures, wasps’ lives center around their distinctive-looking nests. These can typically be found in or near cracks and crevices on the sides of buildings, trees, or other structures.

During the spring, a new colony forms after a queen, aided by her workers, selects a suitable spot. The workers spend the spring, summer, and early fall months expanding and maintaining this nest. Meanwhile, the queen lays eggs for the duration of the warm season. By the middle of the fall, the queen stops laying her eggs and begins preparing for the winter. The workers and other wasps die off as the weather cools. The female offspring of the queen leave the nest and find a suitable place to spend the winter.

What Does the Queen Do During the Winter?

During the winter, the nest’s queen enters a period of deep torpor in which she conserves energy and prepares for the coming season. Since the queen typically mates before the onset of winter, she also uses this period to get ready for the egg-laying marathon of the following year. In the spring, she begins laying eggs and repopulating the colony— much to the chagrin of nearby homeowners. Fortunately, winter represents a particularly vulnerable time for wasps. It’s best to address the issue before the weather warms again.

Learn About Pest Control and Wasps in San Antonio

Are you dealing with a serious wasp problem in your home? If so, we hope that you’ve gleaned some insight as to how (and when) to deal with them. If not, don’t worry: We offer a comprehensive lineup of services for homeowners and business owners across the San Antonio area. To learn more about how we can keep your home or business in tip-top shape throughout the year, call us or fill out our online contact form.

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