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Don’t Let Faulty Sprinklers Get You Down

If the grass looks green, most people assume their sprinklers are doing a good job. However, even faulty sprinklers can still contribute to a green lawn. To prevent some dangerous and costly mistakes, it is important to check sprinklers regularly for leaks.

Problem: Higher Water Bills

Water leaking from a sprinkler will contribute to a higher monthly water bill. When a sprinkler develops a leak, the problem may worsen quickly due to water pressure.

Problem: Mosquitoes

When water leaks from the sprinkler’s head, it pools up in the surrounding area of the lawn. This creates standing water, which is a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. During the summer months, the added humidity and heat create optimal conditions for mosquito infestations. These pests carry several harmful diseases, so if your sprinkler system is fault, your best bet is to contact a San Antonio irrigation and lawn service company.

Problem: Uneven Appearance

If a leak gets worsens, the sprinkler may not spray as far as it should. This creates an uneven appearance on the lawn. Some areas may wither or grow slower than others.

An unsightly lawn is the least serious of these problems. More importantly, you shouldn’t have to pay more for water or risk the diseases mosquitoes carry. To fix and prevent these problems, make San Antonio sprinkler system repair a priority. ABC Home & Commercial Services can assist with sprinkler repair and San Antonio landscaping projects. We are the premier provider of all things lawn care in San Antonio and we offer fast, safe and reliable service.

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