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Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Cockroaches

Important tips for preventing and dealing with an infestation

Cockroaches are a nightmare for homeowners because they can be so difficult to get rid of and often cause a disgusting odor. In some cases, a cockroach infestation will cause allergic reactions in people. With this in mind, it’s important for all San Antonio homeowners to have a firm understanding of what factors will put them most at risk for experiencing an infestation.

What Attracts Cockroaches?

The single best way to avoid dealing with cockroaches in your home is to keep everything clean at all times. After all, they’re attracted to dirty dishes and counters, and they also look for an environment where they can easily find crumbs on the ground. Cockroaches are fond of foul smells such as those that can be found in garbage bags, and they prefer to spend their time living in a dark habitat. Unfortunately, these pests are omnivores, and they can derive enough sustenance from many common household items to survive, including wallpaper, cardboard, paper scraps, nylon clothing, toothpaste, book bindings and even dried human skin.

Where Do Cockroaches Thrive?

San Antonio residents are most likely to encounter the American and German varieties, and both of these pests will thrive in a house with dirty dishes and overall unsanitary conditions. However, cockroaches can be easily brought into even the most impeccably clean house via boxes, food, packaging and adjoining neighbors. Unfortunately, even if your home doesn’t provide the perfect conditions for these bugs to thrive, you’ll still need to take immediate steps to prevent a huge infestation from occurring if even one of them makes its way inside.

How Can I Deal With Cockroaches in My Home?

The absolute best way to get a cockroach situation under control is to call an experienced pest control company. You should also put all of your food in sealed, airtight containers to protect it, and it’s vital to carefully clean your home and remove all clutter. It’s also sometimes possible to get rid of a small quantity of cockroaches by using a borax and sugar mixture. Unfortunately, this will not take care of any eggs that have been laid in your home, so the odds are high that you’ll end up needing to call an exterminator either way.

If you have cockroaches in your San Antonio-area home, you can call ABC Home & Commercial Services at (210) 599-9500 to schedule an appointment with our professional pest control team.


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