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Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

Family holiday traditions

We often think of traditions when the holidays are approaching. These observances help us celebrate the past, enjoy the present, and anticipate the future. Traditions help connect us and reinforce our values.

Maybe you put on the same Christmas music every time you decorate your tree. Perhaps it’s making your grandmother’s pie for your meal on Christmas Eve. It may be as simple as what you leave out for Santa (reindeer food, anyone?).

Here are ABC Home & Commercial Services, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned and operated company which has been serving our customers for over 50 years. We care about our communities and support local charities.

Our Family’s Favorite Holiday Traditions

These are our favorite holiday traditions here in Houston:

Favorite lights displays & events

One tradition that we enjoy is to have a tractor hayride and tour the holiday lights of Prestonwood Forest. This neighborhood is well known in the Houston area for their yearly light and decoration extravaganza. – Kimberli

We enjoy visiting Santa’s Wonderland, Jersey Village, Prestonwood Forest, and the Zoo Lights during this special time of year. – Erika

Our favorite place to see lights is also the Prestonwood subdivision in Spring. Although it gets a little crowded, it’s always a fun thing to do with the kids! – Erin

We also take our kids to the Prestonwood Forest subdivision to go see the Christmas light displays. Every street has a different theme. My husband and I both went as kids, and now we take our kids. We blare the Christmas tunes and enjoy all the lights! – Jansen

We enjoy participating in the Christmas Light Bike Ride with the Rusty Riders bike group through River Oaks. Although bicycles are allowed, most participants ride vintage bikes, hence the name Rusty Riders. The ride takes you about 20 miles through River Oaks and Hermann Park. It’s a lot of fun!

Our family also participates in the annual Christmas Parade in Tomball. We take part through our local Shriners group along with local businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations. It is truly fun for all. – Nikki

On Christmas Eve

Every year, we spend Christmas Eve at church. – Kimberli

We look forward to watching A Christmas Story together on Christmas Eve! – Erika

We all get together and open gifts as a family the night before Christmas. – Nikki

Holiday Food

We enjoy having cookies and milk on December 23 each year. – Kimberli

I always look forward to my mom’s stuffing, which is a bread-based stuffing made of Jimmy Dean sausage, celery, and onion. It’s delicious! – Erika

On Christmas Eve, we gather together and eat our family’s famous taco salad with my mother-in-law’s amazing pinto beans. It’s a fun tradition we have. – Nikki

Each Christmas morning, we enjoy every moment because we prepare our breakfast (egg casserole) the day before. – Kimberli

Creating Your Own Holiday Traditions

If you want to add more meaning into your holiday season, you can consider creating a new tradition. Here are some fun ways to celebrate the winter holidays:

Add a new ornament to your tree

What’s small, inexpensive, and easy to find around the holidays? Christmas ornaments! When you are doing your holiday shopping, look for an ornament which represents your family. Perhaps you can choose a theme, such as Texas, Star Wars, sports, or animals. Just keep our holiday safety tips in mind while you are decorating.

Send out a holiday letter

As convenient as social media can be, we all enjoy getting a “real” letter in the mail which can update family and friends living far and wide about what’s happened during the past year. Your letter can describe recent travels, job changes, milestones and accomplishments, and updates on your children and pets. Don’t forget to include a photo!

Host a cookie exchange

Healthy eating can happen in January. During the end of the year, indulge – just a little. One fun way to try lots of different types of cookies is by hosting a cookie exchange. You can assemble an assortment of cookies for your neighbors, your hairdresser, your housekeeper, your co-workers, and other important people in your life.


The holidays are the season for giving, but it’s easy to get too busy to carve out time to give back. Volunteer Houston is a great resource to find ways to give the gift of time. If you can’t fit volunteering into your schedule during the end of the year, consider making volunteering a New Year’s resolution.

Watch a holiday movie

If the weather outside is frightful, getting under a blanket, popping some popcorn, and putting on your favorite holiday movie can be a welcome break from the busyness associated with the season. Most of us can quickly think of our favorites, but if you need some new ideas, check out this list.

Create your own holiday playlist

Music is often associated with this time of year. Create your own holiday playlist with your favorite tunes to listen to while wrapping gifts, running errands, or taking a walk or jog. If you don’t have time to make your own, check out our ABC Holiday Playlist.

Look at Christmas lights displays

Christmas lights delight kids of all ages. In some cases, you can enjoy these without even leaving your car, which can be nice for families with small children or out of town guests who cannot walk long distances. We have our own list of what we consider the Best Holiday Lights in Houston. Maybe you can add one of these displays to your list this year?

Traditions around the holidays help ground us and remind us of what’s important. What do you do each year that makes Christmas special for you and your family?

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