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Green Grass Needs More Than Water

mowing techniques are an essential component in keeping your lawn green and healthy lawn care san antonioWhat’s that subtle sound? It’s your grass begging for a little TLC. While it’s true that frequent watering will keep your lawn healthy in the blistering San Antonio heat, watering restrictions are definitely a consideration. Not to mention, your lawn needs and deserves so much more than water in order to remain healthy.

Green with Envy

Your neighbors will talk about your lawn—it’s just a fact of life. Give them something to talk about with a luscious lawn that makes them want to kick off their shoes and walk barefoot right up to your front door to ask you what your secret is.

Caring for Your Lawn

➢ Fertilize on Schedule

Proper fertilization is key, but it must be done at the right times of year and with the right blend for your type of grass. For example, a fertilizer formulated for Bermuda grass would kill St. Augustine. It’s important to know exactly which breed or breeds of grass are growing in your yard.

➢ Water Regularly and Thoroughly

Watering on a regular schedule is a must. For maximum absorption and minimal evaporation, water in the early morning or late night hours. Avoid the middle of the day as most of the water will evaporate before your grass has had time to absorb it.

You want to give your lawn enough water so that the soil is wet about four to six inches deep. This helps the roots to become strong and established. You can also apply specific formulas to your grass to improve its ability to retain moisture and nutrients.

➢ Weed Control

Getting rid of annoying and unsightly weeds is a tough challenge, but it can be done. At ABC, our primary goal is to ensure excellent health of the turf—healthy turf is the best way to both prevent and eradicate weeds.

➢ Mowing Techniques

Cut off no more than 1/3 of the grass blade length, and only mow when your grass is dry. Sharp mower blades are important to ensure that you’re not damaging the grass. Be sure to alternate your mowing pattern to avoid ruts. Leave the grass clippings on the lawn to provide additional nutrients.

Our lawn specialists at ABC San Antonio provide all of the knowledge and maintenance needed to keep your yard healthy and beautiful year round. We take all of the guesswork out of lawn care by treating your yard with the right products at the right times. Don’t just help your lawn survive—let it thrive with ABC San Antonio’s lawn care services.

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