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Hot Rebates & Coupons for Summer Maintenance in San Antonio

SAWS rebates

Ah, spring is lovely in sunny San Antonio. The temperatures have hit the 70’s and 80’s and the weather is finally perfect for lounging in the yard. But there may be one thing you didn’t account for: Unsightly weeds, overgrown grass, and hedges and trees that need some work.

You haven’t landscaped your yard in a while and it is not looking so good. Worry not! We have you covered with some great coupons and rebates to get your lawn looking its best for less. To be clear, landscaping coupons are used before the purchase while rebates are money returned to you after the landscaping work is finished or planned.

The very best coupons and rebates from San Antonio Water Saver (SAWS)

WaterSaver Patioscape Coupon: Thinking of changing your backyard into a nice patioscape? Then this coupon is perfect for you! With the WaterSaver Patioscape Coupon you can save $100 or $200 per 200 contiguous square feet of patioscape (as long as it covers 80% of the 200 square feet). A maximum of 8 coupons can be applied.

Go to for more information on how to apply for the coupons.

WaterSave Landscape Coupon: This coupon is an incentive to replace a part of your lawn with a water-saving garden bed. The coupon is for $100 and applies to every section of 200 square feet or more (Maximum 2 coupons).

To apply for this coupon go to

Residential Irrigation Design Rebate: SAWS is willing to pay you to remove part or all of your residential irrigation system in order to rely primarily on rainfall. This rebate comes with a free consultation with an irrigation expert to see what changes would be best for your yard. Below is a chart from SAWS detailing the different rebates and how much you could get for removing specific parts or all of your irrigation system! With the free consultation, this rebate is certainly a smart way to save money on water and earn some money back for doing so.

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For more information or to apply for this rebate go to

Save Money and Water with ABC!

These coupons and rebates are an easy way to get your yard looking the way you want it and save money on landscaping and irrigation this summer. Be sure to apply as soon as possible as some of these coupons have a deadline! For any landscaping and irrigation services check out our services page. Let ABC get your yard looking in tip top shape while helping you save money!

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