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Hot Weather Tips: Cool off for Summer

With summer right around the corner, many have started to get their air conditioners in working order to prepare for the heat. Fighting back against the warm embrace of sunlight trickling through the window blinds with a refreshing blast of air is a feeling many cannot go without, especially in the notoriously sweltering Texas area.

The modern comfort of an AC might be a welcome treat for many, but how do people without air conditioning get through those blazingly hot days?

Many of us growing up might have gone through a similar experience. An AC might have been a luxury for some. Those who couldn’t afford it would instead open windows through the night in an attempt to cool down.

Those are the most common and well-known ways to beat the heat, but here are several more interesting ways for people to keep their cool as the digits go up.

Egyptian Ingenuity

Egypt is an area notorious for its heat. Egyptians deal with blazing temperatures daily throughout most of the year. It’s no surprise that we can turn to them for effective cooling techniques. They devised a simple method of keeping their temperature in check using wet sheets.

Simply dousing a bed sheet with water and wringing it to remove the excess moisture results in a perfect solution to even the warmest nights. The water slowly evaporates as the evening goes by, which provides you with cool comfort to fall fast asleep.

Freezing Clothes

A wet sheet might not work for some people. Thankfully, there is another solution. Putting a bed sheet or any cloth item such as a T-shirts into a bag and placing that bag in the freezer for an hour will solidify the moisture contained in the cloth. The ice stays at a cooler temperature for longer, providing non-stop heat protection.

A bag of ice will keep out the moisture but still give you the same chilling effect. It will last a shorter time, but it might be good for those days around the house when the heat just won’t stop.

Wet Bandana Around The Neck

For those short days out in town or at the park, placing a damp bandana on any of the body’s pulse points such as the neck, forehead, or wrists can help lower your temperature.

Pulse points are centers for temperature control, so focusing cold materials on them will naturally lead to a cooler feeling.

If a bandana is not available, a splash of water on your hat provides the same effect. A wet hat offers you a cool way to get some shade and enjoy a nice trip outside while keeping your head from overheating.

Chew Mint Gum And Drink Water

Mint is the very definition of freshness. When the temperatures go up and your throat begs for some refreshment, chew some mint gum and pair it with some cool water. The result: a minty blast coupled with the sensation of cold water that will freshen you down to the core.

Minty Shower

Mint isn’t only for eating and decorating expensive plates of dessert. It can be useful to make a refreshing drink that will cool you as you sip. Mint grooming products are also available for those who want to cool down in the shower just before bed. Shampoos and body wash provide a chilling effect that will have you comfortable just in time for you to drift to sleep.

Eat Spicy Food

Spicy food is a common dish in many arid locations – and for good reason. Eating food with added spices makes the body sweat in response, initiating the body’s natural cooling process in which sweat wicks extra heat from your skin.

Hang Free In The Wind

Hammocks are found everywhere in warmer areas – and for good reason. They provide a constant circulation of air around you as you swing to your heart’s content in the breeze. Having one in the backyard near the shade will give you a refreshing way to enjoy the summer breeze in comfort.

Bamboo Mats On The Floor

Some people are afraid of heights, so hammocks aren’t ideal for everyone. There is a way to stay cool that’s a bit closer to the ground. Laying a bamboo mat on the floor creates a usable surface that won’t retain heat. Having been used for decades in the Far East, it provides those of us in the South the same comfort and refreshment they have enjoyed for years.

It might be a tad uncomfortable for those who enjoy from the plushness of their mattress, but a bamboo mat for sleeping is better for staying refreshed during the night.

Sleep In The Basement

Heat tends to rise, so staying as close to the floor is a great way of avoiding warm air. Homeowners are in luck since basements tend to be the coolest part of the house. They’re usually out of the way from the sun and provide cool air during the day.

It can be useful for those who wish to have a place to enjoy some TV or to relax while the sun is out. If the nights are just too warm, you could also pull a spare mattress down during the heat wave and enjoy the night instead of tossing and turning in the hot weather.

Painting The Fence With Water

Kids will be kids, and with school out during the summer, many will be wanting to enjoy some time out in the sun. To keep your toddlers refreshed and entertained, some fun activities involving water can help out, including “painting” the fence with some water.

It might sound like a chore, but when it’s coupled with some water buckets and paintbrushes, it can result in a fun time without the dreaded paint mess. Water can also be used to draw fun drawings on the sidewalk without the cleanup.

Trim Your Pet’s Hair To Keep Them Cool

Your furry friends are a big part of your family, and they deserve the same treatment as anyone else. Keeping their fur trimmed can give them a much-needed break from the heat. Days at the park will be full of more playing, and you won’t have to worry about them getting too hot.

Go Somewhere With An AC (library, movie theater, etc.)

When you’re out and about, the last thing you want to feel is the sun slowly burning your skin. Thankfully a well known but often under-appreciated tip involves visiting stores and shopping as you enjoy your day.

Libraries feature a multitude of books to enjoy with some nice chilled air. Movie theaters feature the same chilling effect but come with savory snacks and the latest Hollywood hits to enjoy.

Heat waves will be the least of your worries as you run your daily errands!

Opt For Leaner Foods

Our bodies are hard at work using energy all the time. We even use energy to digest. Digesting vegetables is easier than digesting heavy starches and meats. It’s due to the lighter amount of effort your body has to use to break down the nutrients in your food. The body uses the calories it extracts from food to fuel the nutrient absorption processes necessary for survival. Each calorie is actually a kilocalorie, which equates to the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water by 1°C. The more your body has to use calories to absorb nutrients, the hotter it gets. Stay cool by eating foods that provide rich nutrients to your body easily.

Freeze Fruit To Put In Glass Of Water Or Enjoy It By Itself

The fruit we know and love consists of mostly water, so freezing some of your favorite kinds can provide a simple, healthy snack that will keep you cool. Strawberries, blueberries, and even oranges can taste better with some delectable ice on them. Perfect for when the ice cream cravings are too strong, but you want to keep your beach body ready.

Freeze Coffee Into Pops Or Ice Cubes For A Caffeine Fix

A steaming cup of delicious coffee might be routine for many, but when your coffee is the same temperature as the weather outside it might be a soul-wrenching decision whether or not to skip the cup for some relief from the steamy weather.

Thankfully there is a solution – freeze your coffee. Whether it be a coffee pop or some caffeine packed ice cubes slipped into some milk in the morning, both are reliable options to keep your body awake during the day while starting off with a refreshing twist on an office favorite.

Use Lighter Fabrics At Night

Lighter materials dissipate heat much easier than flannels and other heavy fabrics. As the winter months move on, trade in your heavy fabric for some cotton sheets that allow the air to flow. Likewise, a pillow with a breathable material such as buckwheat is perfect for those nights where the cold side of the pillow isn’t enough to lull you back to sleep.

Get A Chill From Rice

Rice is good for retaining heat or coolness, so why not harness that power for comfort? Adding rice to a sock and placing it in the freezer will give you a small but cool way to shake off heat during the day. The coolness lasts for around 30 minutes, which should be enough for those trying to drift off to sleep.

Slip Ice Cubes Into Your Braids

Long hair during the summer can be a magnet for heat. Slip ice cubes into your braided hair to keep your head cold and moist. The ice in the braids allows the ice to melt slowly and cool down your scalp while providing natural protection from the burn of ice directly on the skin.

Lotion Or Aloe Vera In The Refrigerator

Nothing beats the sensation of lotion or aloe vera, but the weather can always warm up that trusty bottle of lotion you have on your nightstand. Placing it in the refrigerator gives you a quick cooling sensation as you apply it. It won’t last as long as a dunk in the pool, but it should get you a nice break from the heat. It’s also perfect if you need to soothe a burn as well!

Do Nothing

It’s true! Not using our energy allows our body to cool down. Not using appliances can prevent the hot motors from heating up the room while also avoiding any additional humidity from popping up during showers. Electronics are also to blame – cell phones notably warm up as they charge and TVs give off a slight warmth throughout the day. You’ll be saving up money while also keeping cool.

Replace Light Bulbs With Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs might be the norm in new apartments or houses, but they emit lots of heat. Switching over to fluorescent light bulbs provides the same amount of light without the heat.

Water Bottle To Spray With A Spritzer In The Fridge

Sometimes a simple, refreshing blast of chilled air can work wonders. A spritzer provides you with a fine mist that is just enough to cool you off without having to worry about keeping a towel on the side.

If the sun is taking its toll on your comfort and crushing your electric bill, give some of our alternative cooling tips a shot. Mix and match the ones you love or try them all at once! You’ll save money, feel cooler, and might even discover a new favorite treat.

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