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How Composting Increases Grass Health

Providing the best in nutrients for a beautiful lawn

Composting is one of the best things you can do for the health and appearance of your lawnA beautiful lawn or garden is a point of pride for your home. Adopting good lawn care practices is the best way to ensure that your grass will be beautifully green all summer long. Among the best lawn treatments you can choose is composting, or the application of beneficial organisms and organic matter to the soil.

How Composting Helps Your Lawn

When you choose compost for your lawn, you’re choosing one of nature’s most powerful nutrients. Compost is made from a wide variety of organic matter that’s allowed to decay and produce organisms and nutrients that are beneficial to the soil. This powerful, nutrient-rich mixture can be applied directly to the soil before planting or can be spread across the top of the grass.

One of the chief benefits of composting is that it adds nutrients to the soil, creating a rich growing medium for a wide variety of grasses, flowers and vegetables. These nutrients can’t be found in other fertilizers or lawn care products because they are the result of the natural process of decay. Some homeowners create and maintain their own compost piles while others rely on landscaping companies to take care of composting on their behalf.

Composting offers many benefits for your lawn, including:

• Increased microbial activity in the soil
• An increase in soil’s water retention capabilities
• A decrease in surface runoff
• Encouragement healthy root structures
• Encouragement healthy grass growth
• Potential soil erosion control
• Soil pH balancing
• Protection from droughts and freezes

Should You Choose Composting?

If maintaining a lush, green lawn is important to you, it’s a good idea to choose composting. Composting is particularly beneficial to San Antonio homeowners because it can increase water retention in the soil. When your soil does a good job of holding moisture, you’ll save money by not having to irrigate your yard as frequently.

Of course, composting is also one of the most natural ways to create a beautiful lawn. Instead of relying on man-made chemicals and fertilizers to treat your lawn, you’ll be relying on all-natural matter that has been recycled for use in landscaping. This means that you can use compost if you grow edible fruits and vegetables in your yard without worrying about harmful chemicals finding their way into your produce.

Nothing supports a healthy lawn better than natural composting. Browse ABC Home & Commercial Service’s website to learn more about our composting services, or give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our experienced landscapers.

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