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How to Handle Mystery Bugs

Several mysterious insects can be found in Houston. Many unfamiliar bugs are harmless, but they can also signify the beginning of an infestation. Most people only have the expertise to identify common bugs. More than 25,000 insect species live in Texas, according to Texas A&M University. It’s essential to handle mystery bugs carefully and take steps to keep them out of your home.

If you find an unfamiliar insect outdoors, photograph it for identification. You may want to catch the bug if it is inside your home. Be cautious–wear gloves and use an implement such as long tweezers to move the insect. Store it in a glass container with a tight lid. Remember that some bugs can chew through cardboard, wood, or plastic.

Keep children and pets away from the insect. Some bugs may trigger allergies or cause serious illnesses when they bite or sting. For example, the Lone Star tick spreads three different diseases. Insects can also give tapeworms to your pets.

It is essential to identify unknown bugs. They could be harmful parasites that will infest your home or pets. Although you may only see one insect, others hide in the walls or furniture. Ignoring a single termite or bedbug could lead to a major infestation that will be much more difficult to eliminate. ABC’s Houston pest control services can help you prevent this infestation from happening.

Some unfamiliar bugs are invasive species. Such insects often destroy trees or vegetable crops, so it’s vital to identify them. One example of an invasive species is the Asian tiger mosquito. According to the Cambridge Information Group, this spotted insect first appeared in Houston during the 1980s. The aggressive mosquito eventually spread to 25 states.

To identify a mysterious bug you have captured or photographed, use the Internet or refer to an insect handbook. Various government and university websites supply helpful information. However, it may still prove challenging to determine what type of bug you have found. ABC Home & Commercial Services can help. We employ entomologists who accurately identify insects and offer expert recommendations. ABC provides practical solutions for pest control in Katy, Houston, and surrounding areas.

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