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How To Improve Soil Quality In Your Lawn

how to improve soil quality

A healthy lawn and garden begin with your soil. In fact, many problems with home gardens, trees, and an unhealthy looking lawn are caused by poor soil quality. Wondering how to improve soil quality on your property? Luckily, a simple switch is all you need to make a big difference.

How To Improve Soil Quality

One of the ways you can improve your lawn by is by incorporating more organic material into your soil. With countless amendments and enrichment products on the market, however, knowing which to choose can be overwhelming.

Read below to learn about soil improvement methods which can help improve the quality and health of your lawn.

Test It Out 

When thinking about how to improve soil health, one way to start is to conduct a soil test. Having a better understanding of the current nutrient levels in your lawn and what your soil is missing can help you determine what steps you need to take to fortify your grass. You can either bring in the professionals or conduct a soil test yourself. Easy to use soil test kits are available for purchase online.

If you choose the DIY route, look for these red flags which may indicate that your soil is unhealthy:

  • Cracked and dried soil in the summer
  • Difficulty digging holes
  • Yellow leaves on shrubs and dead sections

If you notice your outdoor areas are displaying these warning signs, it’s a good indication that your soil is unhealthy and you need to take steps to improve your soil quality.

Make Changes

Once you’ve gained an understanding of your soil’s composition—whether it’s too sandy, has low pH levels, or lacks oxygen—it’s time to adjust your soil properly.

One of the best ways to improve soil that needs supplemental nutrients is to add organic matter. Organic soils and fertilizers release nutrients over time, and as a result, your plants and lawn grow stronger over time. In addition, adding organic matter can improve soil’s ability to accept and store water, which can reduce fertilizer requirements and supply more of the nutrients your plants require over the long term.

Perhaps most importantly, using an organic fertilizer is ultimately better for the environment and your family.

Loosen Up

As mentioned above, organic fertilizers help improve your soil’s ability to retain water. To further enhance your soil’s water retention abilities, you may want to consider aerating your lawn a couple times a year. This process consists of punching holes throughout your lawn about three inches deep to loosen soil and improve air circulation.

Aerating your lawn twice a year allows your grass to grow properly and stimulates new plant growth. For the majority of homeowners, a handheld aerating tool can help get the job done.

Consider Compost

In addition to adding organic matter to your soil, consider incorporating other natural elements like compost or grass clippings, sometimes known as grass-cycling. Instead of throwing grass clippings away after mowing, simply leave them on the freshly cut grass. The clippings will decompose and return needed nutrients to the soil.

Composting is another alternative, which can include grass clippings as well. Other compostable materials can come from garden waste, food waste, or even newspapers and other paper items. Composting is a simple habit that can prevent erosion of topsoil, balance the pH levels in the soil, and attract beneficial insects, worms, and other organisms.

Choose Local

While a healthy lawn starts at the roots, selecting plants that grow well in your environment is key to ensuring your lawn stays beautiful all year long.

Plants like the Bird of Paradise, the Walking Iris, and the Texas Lantana are just a few plant species that grow well in Corpus Christi. No matter where you live in the United States, you can consult the Native Plant Database for more ideas of native plants and grasses to add to your landscape which may fare better in your existing soil.

A Healthier Lawn is a Better Lawn

When it comes to growing and maintaining a thriving landscape, homeowners have a lot of options. As a locally-based company with decades of experience in the lawn care business, ABC has the experience and know how to advise homeowners on the best and most cost-effective ways to improve your yard.

In our experience, one of the best investments homeowners can make to improve soil quality is through enriching your turf with an organic fertilizer. Natural materials are safe for your family and the environment. With a strong foundation, your yard will stay healthy and green year-round.

J Zambo

J Zambo joined ABC in 2023 with over 20 years of experience. He is the Lawn & Tree Division Manager, overseeing Lawn Maintenance and Care, Landscaping, Tree and Holiday Lighting for all ABC Austin branches. Before ABC, he was the Vice President of Aloha Arbor Care and Hawaii Landscape Services. J is an ISA Certified Arborist and ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor. His favorite quote is “So shines a good deed in a weary world” by Willie Wonka.

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