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How to Lengthen the Lifespan of Your Washer and Dryer


Get more use out of your appliances with smart preventative maintenance

“They don’t make things like they used to” is a common complaint when something big like a washer or dryer breaks down. Although nothing lasts forever, a little care and diligence can help major appliances keep going for many years. Get the most out of the 12-year average life span of your washer and the 13 years expected from a dryer with these simple maintenance tips.

Be Clean

Prevent the buildup of detergent and lint by cleaning both the inside and outside surfaces of your washer and dryer on a regular basis. Empty the dryer lint trap every time you remove a load, and find out if your washer also has a lint trap that should be cleared to prevent poor drainage.

Aim for Efficiency

Follow manufacturer instructions to avoid overloading your washer and dryer. Learn which settings are appropriate for different load sizes and types, and use care when measuring out laundry detergent. Proper use conserves energy, results in less wear and tear on the appliances and preserves the life of your clothing.

Level Out

Neither your washer nor dryer should vibrate or move while it’s running. This uneven operation can damage the machine and the floor underneath it. If necessary, get a bubble level and use it to check and adjust your appliances until they sit flat.

Check Hoses and Vents

The hoses that fill the washer and vent the dryer in your Austin home should be clear and free of holes. Make sure that hose connections are tight to prevent water leakage and that vents are positioned according to manufacturer specifications. Straighten out any kinks or bends to reduce the chances of clogging.

Clear the Air

Keeping the lid shut on a wet washer can lead to the growth of mold or mildew, resulting in a funny smell and an unhealthy environment. Leave the washer door open once and a while to allow the interior to dry thoroughly. Use caution if you have pets or small children that might be injured by climbing or falling into the appliance.

Even the best maintenance plan can’t always prevent the need for appliance repair. If your washer and dryer need more help than you can give them, contact us at ABC Home & Commercial Services. After an initial assessment, our knowledgeable specialists will tackle the problem using high-quality parts and service to keep your appliances running smoothly for many more years.

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