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[Infographic] ABC San Antonio Presents: Zika Virus 101

Have you heard about Zika?

ABC is dedicated to keeping our customers informed when a serious pest-related health emergency arises. Thankfully, there have been few cases of Zika diagnosed in Texas so far this year. However, summer is right around the corner, and we have been getting a lot of phone calls from curious customers wondering: What is Zika Virus and is San Antonio at risk?

We have put together a resource to help keep you informed about Zika. For more information about this mosquito-borne illness and the effects it has on humans, please visit the CDC’s Zika resource page.

Zika Virus San Antonio Mosquito Control

We are working with officials to learn what we can about Zika Virus. In the meantime, we urge all of our friends and neighbors in San Antonio to consider starting a comprehensive mosquito control plan with ABC.

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