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Keeping the Grass Greener on Your Side

cool-season lawn care is essential for healthy lawnsAs the weather cools, it can take more and more work to keep your lawn looking healthy and green. Instead of throwing in the towel and putting off your lawn care and maintenance projects until the spring, let the pros at ABC Home & Commercial Services of Dallas take over. In this post, we’ve outlined four professional lawn care projects that can save time and reduce your stress level during the cool season.

1. De-Stress Fertilization and Weed Control

Although fertilization is especially important for cool-season grasses, it’s important to take steps to protect the health of your lawn throughout the year. We use winter-safe fertilizers to prepare your grass for the cold days ahead. These applications might be tricky and stressful to pull off on your own, but they’re a snap for our seasoned lawn care team.

Cool-season weed control is also key. While occasional frosts and freezes can limit weed growth during the depths of winter, it’s important to be proactive. True lawn professionals can spot unwanted shoots before they take hold and help you protect your lawn until spring. Meanwhile, you can watch it all unfold from the comfort of your living room.

2. Save Time with Lawn Maintenance

The need to keep your lawn and yard clear and tidy doesn’t stop with the year’s first frost. Since trees and shrubs become dormant when temperatures drop, the cool season is the perfect time to hire a professional lawn maintenance team to prune overgrown limbs and trim shrubbery into shape. Once your trees lose their leaves, you’ll save even more time—and keep your grass greener—by calling in the pros to blow away the litter.

3. Overseed the Right Way

Many lawn care experts recommend overseeding your warm-season lawn with a cool-season “cover layer” that protects and nurtures it over the winter. Unfortunately, this requires a fair bit of know-how and attention to detail. A professional team can quickly and efficiently seed your lawn without leaving bare or brown patches. In the spring, your plot will be the envy of the neighborhood.

4. Aerate and De-Thatch

For a variety of reasons, Dallas-area lawns tend to harden and contract during the cool months. Over time, this can harm your grass’s root structures and make it difficult for new growth to occur. While aggressive raking can help, aeration is often necessary to ensure a full recovery. Calling in a lawn care team to aerate and de-thatch your lawn’s tangled roots can lay the groundwork for a new year of green growth.

Lawn care and maintenance is a full-time, year-round job. While it would be great if taking care of your property were your only full-time obligation, we suspect that you already have a 9-to-5 gig. That’s why we offer a range of Dallas lawn care and maintenance options for every season. Check out our service pages, request a free estimate, or give us a call to save time, money and stress on your home’s lawn care needs.

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