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Kitchen Coordinates: How to Match the Countertops with the Walls

When homeowners want to remodel their kitchens, they must find colors that coordinate with existing counter tops. For those who plan to buy new counter tops as part of the project, different materials must be considered. These are two important issues that must be settled before finalizing any remodeling plans.

Choosing a Type of Counter Top

For homeowners who plan to replace their existing counter tops, there are a wide variety of options to consider. Many people today choose granite for its luxurious and timeless look. There are several different patterns of granite to fit any style. The only disadvantage about granite is that slabs can crack if they are dropped or not installed properly. When a professional completes the job, homeowners can expect a satisfactory result. Laminate is a popular choice for people who want an inexpensive or temporary option. Some homeowners prefer tile or natural stone, and there are several types of these materials to compare. Researching consumer reports for different types of materials is a good way for homeowners to learn more before contacting a remodeling contractor.

Picking the Right Paint Color

When the counter tops are already installed or have been selected, homeowners should start comparing paint colors. Some types of colors are blended to match specific counter colors. Homeowners who may want to change their counter tops in the future should consider purchasing paint that may coordinate with future choices. Bright colors are not ideal for this. Muted colors and Earth tones are good choices. For example, a vibrant blue color would only match a limited amount of counter top styles and colors. However, a tan color may match a wide variety of granite, tile and laminate counter tops. A remodeling specialist can suggest a customized list of colors based on existing counter tops and expected future needs.

Choosing counter materials and paint colors will be a unique process for each homeowner. Since every person has different needs and desires, it is important to call a professional Austin remodeling contractor to end up completely satisfied. ABC Home & Commercial Services offers quality remodeling in Austin. Our remodeling specialists have experience and know what it takes to meet your specific needs.

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