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Landscape Lighting Meets Efficiency and Practicality

Landscape lighting can add an elegant touch to an outdoor space, but many homeowners are unaware that this aesthetic feature can also offer functional benefits. Choosing lighting with high-tech features can boost the practicality of lighting and offer energy efficiency.

Energy Sources

Homeowners have a variety of lighting sources to choose from when shopping for outdoor lighting that can highlight beautiful landscaping. explains that there are three main energy sources when it comes to outdoor lighting: solar power, electricity and gas.

  • Solar power is energy-efficient because it uses the power of the sun instead of requiring a homeowner to pay for a power source. However, solar power is only reliable in areas that receive a lot of sun during the day on a regular basis.
  • Electricity is hard-wired to the home to provide reliable power, but this option can be expensive.
  • Gas is reliable and provides an aesthetic bonus by making outdoor lighting appear to be old-fashioned. However, homeowners who would like their outdoor lighting to be turned on most of the night may want to opt for a more energy-efficient option.

Architectural Designs

The design of the light fixture not only reflects the personality of a homeowner, but it also affects how the light will spread across a lawn or home. For homeowners living in an area without street lights or other nighttime safety measures, it may be better to choose a strong light source centered on a walking path to help light the way.

  • Spotlights are used to highlight landscaping or architectural features in a home.
  • Path lights are placed in intervals along a path in order to make the walkway visible at night.
  • Moonlighting outdoor lanterns can be hung on trees to provide a soft glow that is ideal for outdoor events held at night.
  • Spread lighting provides an even light source across landscaping features like flowers, shrubs and greenery.

If you’re ready to experience the sophisticated touch that outdoor lighting adds while enjoying the benefits of efficient and functional lights, contact ABC Home & Commercial Services for these Houston landscaping and lawn services.

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