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Lawn Pests You Can’t Afford to Keep

What’s in your grass? You DO want to know

Your lawn is your curb appeal. It’s the darling of your green thumb, the reminder of carefree childhood days, the sense memory of plush comfort under bare feet and a hangout for pests that bite, dehydrate, excavate, and destroy.

Which of these isn’t like the others? We just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.

What’s bugging your lawn? San Antonio hosts a handful of pests capable of turning your grassy idyll into a lawn care nightmare. Learn more about our usual suspects.

Chinch bugs

Even the name is annoying. These winged insects suck the life out of your grass by removing the juices from individual blades, and their handiwork initially resembles drought damage. Chinch bugs adore St. Augustine grass, but they’ll occasionally snack on Bermuda and other species.

Fire ants

Ouch! These hot tamales won’t eat your grass, but they’ll leave you with a bite that’ll help you remember how they got their name. They’re not likely to harm turf grasses, but they’re enemies to bare feet and ankles, and their cone-shaped mounds probably don’t fit your image of the ideal front yard.


Yuck! People eat them on reality shows, but in real life, the grubs are the ones doing most of the eating. They feed on the grass’s roots, and they’re not picky about the species. Grubs will go for Bermuda, zoysia, St. Augustine and native Texas buffalo grass.


We have to let a few burrowing mammals in on the fun. Moles think your lawn is a great place for digging networks of tunnels and pushing dirt, not to mention everything you’ve planted in the dirt, up above the ground. How rude!

The mole species found here in Texas, the eastern mole, isn’t after your grass; insect larvae and worms are his favored fare. While that’s not a bad thing, his habits are. You probably won’t see him in person, but if you care about the way your landscaping looks, you’ll want him to go elsewhere.

Want ground control? You deserve to be the one enjoying your lawn. If you see signs of lawn pests, contact us at ABC Home & Commercial Services.

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