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How To Showcase Your Home This Holiday Season

Selecting Holiday Lights That Are Right For Your Home

We love all the beautifully decorated homes in this city—especially during the holiday season. Don’t you? Whether they’re varied in color or snowy white, these arrangements put a smile on our faces.

There are many trends and options currently available to showcase your home before your holiday gatherings begin and your out of town guests arrive. Are you considering laser lights, or curious about what’s involved in setting your lights to music? We’ve compiled a list of outdoor Christmas decorating ideas to help you decide what options are the best for your home.

LED Lights

There are many benefits to LED lighting, so it’s no surprise more people are reaching for them instead of traditional string lighting.

For starters, they’re more energy efficient, using up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting options; one traditional bulb uses the same amount of energy as 140 LEDs. They also last much longer than traditional string light.

LED lighting is also ideal for homeowners who have a large home or are looking to decorate their entire lawn. LED lighting stays cooler than traditional bulbs, which gives you the ability to connect many more strings together than incandescent bulbs. With LED lights, you can take your light display from your home to the streets without using as many extension cords.

The only caveat is that while LED lights are more efficient and last longer than traditional string lights, they are typically more expensive.

Laser Lights

If the thought of hanging hundreds of lights around your home gives you anxiety, you should probably consider an alternative. Luckily, there’s laser projector lights—a simple, timely way to instantly brighten your home and create a festive environment.

Depending on the laser projector you select, there are many designs and features available to you. While some shine a direct light beam on your home, others create a sparkling effect; others can make it seem like you’re looking through a kaleidoscope.

Given the various laser lighting options available, be sure to ask yourself these important questions before making a decision:

  •      How much am I willing to spend?
  •      Do I want to use it year round?
  •      What atmosphere am I trying to create?
  •      Did the product perform well for others?

Understanding what you want for your home before this holiday season is the best way to ensure you made the right decision for your home.

Timer Activated Lights

Whether you prefer an all-white décor or a mix of colors, activated lighting is a simple way to ensure your neighbors see all your hard work. (We wouldn’t want your decorating skills to go unnoticed!) Its automated timing system also helps prevent any unnecessary electricity waste.

Once the lights are in place, you’ll want to install a plug-in on/off module that can handle up to 1500 watts. Depending on the size of your home, you’ll need between two and four modules. The modules simply plug into an outdoor outlet and they give you total control over when your lights come on—and for how long.

Musical Lights

Animated music shows are a surefire way to give your home the attention it deserves. It’s a fun element to any lawn, and we can almost guarantee your neighbors will be stopping by to watch the synchronized light and music display.

For the not-so-technically-savvy of us out there, standard plug-ins are available for purchase. Most plug-ins come with a predetermined list of holiday songs and waterproof speakers.

Safety First

Whether you opt for classic white bulbs, LED strings, or a full-blown musical production, your safety must be a priority. Follow these safety tips during set up to avoid any accidents:

  •      Inspect the wires—especially those you’ve used before
  •      Avoid connecting more than 5 or 6 strands together as it can overload the circuit
  •      Always choose weatherproof lights
  •      Don’t work alone
  •      Be realistic with your lighting goals

The Final Step

Are you tired of dealing with a tangled mess of cords? Are you dreading getting out the ladder? If you need a helping hand, contact ABC Home & Commercial Services to install your holiday lighting.  We provide you with both the lights and the labor so that you can rest easy, knowing that your home is ready for this busy and magical time of year.

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