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How To Identify Red Fire Ants

a red fire ant

Do you know how to identify red fire ants? These pests are stealthy, and they can inflict pain with their bites. It’s important for homeowners to understand what they look like, where they nest and how they behave so that they can get in front of a red fire ant problem.

While working with a pest control company is the best way to deal with a red fire ant colony, there are prevention measures that homeowners can take to help deter these pests from their homes.

How To Identify Red Fire Ants

Fire ants are a major nuisance for homeowners, so it’s important to learn how to identify red fire ants to deal with an infestation. However, identifying these pests goes beyond knowing what they look like. It’s helpful to be able to recognize their behaviors and nest patterns.

Red fire ants are known for their reddish-brown bodies and large eyes. Their bodies have … Read Full Post »

Mosquitoes in Texas: What Homeowners Should Know

Mosquitoes in Texas

You’re proud of your home. You’ve spent years caring for it, improving it and making it suit your style. Your home and landscape have never looked better. But there’s still a problem you’ll encounter, simply because you live in Texas: mosquitoes.

In addition to being an annoyance, these tiny biting creatures pose a risk to you, your family and your pets. Maybe you’re starting to feel their presence every time you step outside, or you’re tired of getting covered in itchy bites. You might find yourself wondering: what mosquito species live in Texas?

Mosquitoes in Texas: What Homeowners Should Know

You probably can’t spend much time outside without feeling the itch of new mosquito bites. New reports of cases of mosquito-borne diseases, such as the Zika virus, don’t seem to be going away.

Now may be the time to rethink the measures you take to protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes. Pest control professionals can … Read Full Post »

What’s the Best Grass for Central Texas?

bermuda grass

Many central Texas homeowners find it difficult to know what type of grass is best for their lawn. While central Texas experiences mild temperatures for most of the year, the summers can reach sweltering levels of heat. It’s important to consider durable warm-season grasses that can withstand drought.

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass, pictured above, has a high heat tolerance, which is important when you factor in the warm summers in central Texas. It’s also a grass that can resist drought well.

As a warm-season grass, bermuda grass thrives with well-drained soil and full sun. It’s an excellent choice for high-trafficked areas of your lawn because it grows densely. Its fine texture also makes it a very attractive grass to create a luscious green landscape.

One thing homeowners need to keep in mind when it comes to bermuda grass is that it turns brown and goes dormant in the winter. However, with the right care … Read Full Post »

What Is a Level 2 EV Charger?

an EV charger

Having to stop at the gas station to refuel is part of most drivers routines. But habits are changing now that electric vehicles are becoming more popular. Level 2 EV chargers offer a convenient way to charge your vehicle at home.

So, what is a level 2 EV charger? It’s the most popular home charging method among homeowners for a reason. Here’s everything you need to know about it and how it’s different from level 1 and level 3 charging. Contact a licensed electrician to install a level 2 EV charger in your home.

What Is a Level 2 EV Charger, and How Is It Different From Other Charging Levels?

Electric vehicles usually come with a level 1 charger. However, upgrading to a level 2 unit can save you time. Level 2 chargers deliver an electric current from an outlet to your vehicle through a connector. They use a 240-volt input and have … Read Full Post »

When Is Mosquito Season in Texas?

a group of mosquito

Mosquitoes can be a nuisance when you are trying to enjoy time outside. Not to mention, these pests can spread diseases. Many types of mosquitoes carry diseases like the Zika virus, yellow fever and the West Nile virus.

Mosquitoes are usually the most active during the warmer months of the year. They thrive when it is consistently at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside and in areas with standing water or moist climates. Unfortunately, Texas has one of the longest mosquito seasons in the country. Several factors can affect mosquito activity from year to year. For one, mosquito populations rise when there are warm temperatures early in the year and when it stays warm at night. Mosquito activity can also increase in years with lots of rainfall, since there is more of an opportunity for females to lay eggs.

In Texas, temperatures can stay warm far into fall and even winter months. This … Read Full Post »

Types of Mosquito

Aedes mosquito

Did you know that there are over 3,000 types of mosquitoes? While they share several similarities, some mosquito species have unique factors that homeowners should know about. Additionally, some are more dangerous than others when it comes to transmitting diseases.

Types of Mosquito: A Homeowner’s Guide

In the southeastern region of the United States, there are several types of mosquitoes that homeowners should know about. It’s important to know which mosquito species you’re dealing with because some types of mosquitoes are more likely to transmit diseases to humans and animals.

Aedes Mosquitoes

The Aedes mosquito, pictured above, is one of the most common types of mosquitoes in the southeast. Unlike several other mosquito species, they are known for their daytime activity. They are an aggressive type of mosquito and can make enjoying the outdoors difficult. The Aedes mosquito is small and black, and its body is covered in white stripes.

Aedes mosquitoes can transmit several … Read Full Post »

Garbage Disposal Humming but Not Spinning

a garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are mighty pieces of equipment in the kitchen, able to grind up food scraps to prevent drain blockages. But just because they are sturdy doesn’t mean they will last forever. Like any appliance, they can develop issues over time and cause stress levels to rise.

One common problem homeowners experience is when the garbage disposal is humming but not spinning. With some troubleshooting knowledge, it’s possible to get your garbage disposal up and running again. But your DIY skills can only take you so far. Sometimes, you need the help of a professional plumber.

What To Do if Your Garbage Disposal Is Humming but Not Spinning

Garbage disposals aren’t silent workers. They hum as they run, and that’s normal. What’s not is if it’s making noise but not spinning. It’s still receiving power, so it’s not an electrical supply problem. Something else is causing the issue, and it could be any … Read Full Post »

How Big Are Mosquitoes?

a mosquito

Not many insects are as annoying as mosquitoes. They can ruin a perfectly happy gathering with friends, leaving everyone itchy and irritated. What’s worse, these pests can spread diseases like dengue, Zika and Chikungunya.

It can help homeowners to know how to identify mosquitoes in their homes to prevent their population from growing. To tell mosquitoes apart from other insects, it helps to know how big they are. Here’s everything you need to know about mosquito sizes and other defining characteristics.

If you’re a busy homeowner with no time for pesky mosquitoes, get the pros to help. Pest control specialists have the tools and expertise to manage the mosquito population in your home.

How Big Are Mosquitoes? Size and Other Characteristics

So, how big are mosquitoes? These insects vary in size depending on the species and their stage of life. But on average, they’re usually about a quarter of an inch long.

Mosquito size also … Read Full Post »

Air Conditioning Vent Condensation: What’s Wrong?

an AC vent

The combination of heat and humidity makes for an uncomfortable experience at home. No homeowner wants to sweat inside their home. Fortunately, turning on the AC can bring some welcome relief.

On extra humid days, you might notice some air conditioning vent condensation. A small amount shouldn’t be a cause for concern, but excessive condensation could signify an underlying problem. You could have a damaged drain line or a leaking roof.

If you can’t figure out what’s causing the condensation, let HVAC professionals handle it. They will identify the root cause and perform the necessary repairs and replacements.

What Causes Excessive Air Conditioning Vent Condensation?

It’s not unusual to see condensation in the AC vent in the spring and summer. It happens when the excess moisture in the air interacts with the vent’s cold surface. The water vapor then cools down, forming water droplets in the vent. The same happens when you bring a … Read Full Post »

Navigating Mosquito Season: Insights and Strategies for Houston Residents

Mosquito Control service - ABC Home & Commercial Services - Houston, TX

Houston’s Mosquito Exterminators: Winning the War Against Pests

Houston, prepare for the inevitable return of mosquito season! These tiny, persistent pests can quickly take the fun out of outdoor activities with one bite. However, armed with knowledge and proactive measures, you can minimize mosquito encounters and maximize their enjoyment of the season. In this post, we’ll delve into the nuances of mosquito activity in Houston and provide practical strategies to keep them at bay.

Understanding Mosquito Activity in Houston:

Houston’s humid subtropical climate creates ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. With ample rainfall and warm temperatures, these insects thrive year-round, with peak activity occurring from spring through fall. Mosquitoes in Houston are not just nuisances; they also pose health risks by transmitting diseases such as West Nile virus, Zika virus, and Dengue fever.

What other factors are influencing mosquito activity in Houston?

  • Weather Conditions: Mosquitoes are most active during warm, humid weather, which is … Read Full Post »