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Pest-Free Holiday Tips

Whether you are traveling for the holidays or inviting friends and family into your home, pests are always looking for the perfect opportunity to gain entry and enjoy the holidays with you. Unfortunately, your home provides the perfect warm environment for them to wait out the winter weather. During the holidays homes are filled with delicious smelling food, full trash cans and the constant coming and going of guests. The food smells themselves act as a beacon, inviting pests inside, while the opening and closing of doors provides the perfect opportunity.

The last thing anyone wants is to share their holiday meal with a pest that invited itself over. This holiday season, follow these helpful guidelines from the trusted professionals at ABC Home and Commercial to keep your home pest-free all winter long.

  1. Don’t leave food out or uncovered.
  2. Store firewood on a raised structure that is located at least 15 feet away from the home.
  3. Brush off firewood before bringing it indoors.
  4. When storing decorations after the holiday season, use durable, sealed containers that pests can’t chew through – instead of cardboard boxes or plastic bags.
  5. Place screens over vents and chimneys. This will help keep rodents and bugs from gaining entry.
  6. Store opened food, such as pasta, cereal and bread, in airtight containers in your pantry.
  7. Frequently wipe down kitchen surfaces.
  8. Keep kitchen tables and counters free of all food and crumbs that pests will take.
  9. Regularly take out the trash and do not let it overfill.
  10. Keep all trash receptacles, both inside and out, sealed.
  11. Store pet food in sealable, airtight containers.
  12. Have a “no food in bedrooms rule”. This will keep bedrooms clean and prevent crumbs that attract pests from accumulating.
  13. Do not let pet food sit out. Only leave their food out long enough to eat.
  14. Make sure all all windows and necessary doors have proper weather seals and screens.
  15. Inspect packages for damages before bringing them inside. Pesky critters can make their way into boxes, packages or holiday décor that has been left outside.
  16. Store trash bins in an enclosed storage area, such as a garage or shed, to prevent rats, raccoons and squirrels from getting into them.
  17. Avoid the use of pet doors. If your pet can come in and out – so can larger rodents such as rats and raccoons.
  18. Vacuum often to pick up crumbs and prevent moisture. This will help keep cockroaches and other six-legged pests at bay.
  19. Keep shoes in plastic containers and out of reach to prevent spiders from making them their home. For shoes that are left outside, shake them before putting them on.
  20. Drain sinks and bathtubs immediately after use and fix any dripping faucets. Pests need water to survive. Cutting off their water supply will make your home a less friendly place to inhabit.

Taking the appropriate measures can keep your home pest free this holiday season. If you are already spotting the signs of a pest infestation, call ABC Home and Commercial immediately. The activity of the holiday season and cooler weather will only cause the infestation to worsen. It’s not too late to protect your home from pests this holiday season. For all your pest prevention needs, call ABC Home and Commercial at 469-549-7300 today!

Russell Jenkins

Russell Jenkins is the Chief Communications Officer for ABC Home and Commercial Services in North Texas. Russell has been working as part of the ABC Family since he was 12 years old under the direction of his father, Owner Dennis Jenkins, and has since held several leadership roles at ABC. Russell holds a degree in Agricultural Leadership from Texas A&M University, and is a Food Safety Specialist. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and two children, playing tennis, and gaming.

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