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PestWorld for Kids

PestWorld is a great resource for kids who want to learn about bugsKids are either fascinated or grossed out by bugs. Whatever category your children fall into, PestWorld is a great website to educate them about how bugs affect people’s daily lives. From educational information to games, this interactive hub introduces kids to the basics of pest control and helps them learn more about the “creepy crawlies” they share the world with.

Pest Guide

A comprehensive list of common pests gives kids all kinds of information about how bugs adapt to living in different conditions, including how and why they take up residence in homes. With resources such as “Amazing Pest Facts” and complete information sheets, kids can learn about bugs such as ants, bees, cockroaches, dust mites, pill bugs and wasps, along with other potential pests, including gophers, mice and voles. The guide demystifies critters that can sometimes be startling or scary by providing useful information for kids and adults alike.

Games & Entertainment

For kids who aren’t so sure what to think about bugs, Pest Learning Games such as Pest Detective, The Pest Rangers and Name That Pest are fun ways to get familiar with different insects. There’s even a “Pest Quest” show that kids can watch on the website for more fun.


The “Critter Crafts” section at PestWorld turns pesky pests into fun crafts with two dozen projects that include finger puppets, crowns with antennae or ears, three-dimensional bugs made from egg cartons and even tasty snacks such as the ever-popular Worms in Dirt. Do these crafts at home with your kids for an afternoon of fun or bring them into the classroom to enhance everyday learning.

Report Writing & Science Fairs

Parents and teachers can help kids develop research and writing skills with the educational tools available on the PestWorld site. Designed to conform to the standards set by the National Council of Teachers of English and the National Science Teachers Association, the information and guides are great starting points for home and classroom education. Kids will learn the basics of note taking, organizing information and writing and presenting a report, as well as the steps involved in the scientific method. Complete lesson plans are available for grades K–8.

Kids and their parents can visit the PestWorld website to enjoy all of these fun activities and get ideas for even more. If you’re dealing with real-life pests in your home, contact the specialists at ABC Home & Commercial Services in San Antonio for a professional inspection and a quick resolution to the problem.

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