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Preventing and Treating Flea Home Invasions

Fleas are tiny insects that can cause significant problems for pets and humans. These parasites can thrive on mammals and birds by feeding the host’s blood via irritating bites. Additionally, fleas can be a vector for diseases affecting humans and pets. Taking action to prevent an infestation is the best method for altogether avoiding the pest, but an existing infestation must be treated.

Preventing a flea infestation is generally less troublesome than eradicating an existing problem. Here are some tips to prevent an infestation:

•    Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule can prevent many flea invasions. Vacuuming carpets is particularly important. Areas frequented by pets are the most vulnerable.
•    Chemical flea treatments for dogs and cats are easily accessible and inexpensive. Treatments are available as shampoos, topical applications, and flea collars.
•    Avoid excessive contact with unfamiliar animals. Fleas are known to hitch rides on unsuspecting people, and exposure to strange animals heightens the risk of picking up an insect hitchhiker.

For information about flea prevention and the flea life cycle, visit the insect experts at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Eradicating an infestation can be tricky. If an infestation is already present, here are some techniques for eliminating the flea population:

•    Chemical flea treatments for pets will take care of the adult fleas on the pets.
• any bedding used by flea-infested pets must be washed in hot water. The hot water kills flea larvae.
•    Adult fleas and flea larvae will inhabit carpeted areas of the home. A thorough vacuuming will kill many pests, but steam cleaning is more effective.
•    The most effective treatment for a flea infestation is a professional flea control application by a qualified pest control specialist. A customized flea control and maintenance plan will eradicate the infestation and provide residual protection. Additionally, these plans typically involve a lawn treatment to provide outdoor protection.

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