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Riding Mowers Cost More Than You Think

Do-it-yourself lawn care isn’t cheap

Riding mower costs are higher than most people thinkMany homeowners in Texas mow their lawns with riding mowers. These machines offer a fast and relatively easy way to cut the grass. However, it’s important to realize how expensive it has become to buy, maintain and operate yard equipment. The costs can really add up.

Initial Purchase

Depending on its size and features, the price of a mower typically ranges from $900 to $2,000. Fast commercial-grade models cost even more. Keep in mind that Texas adds a 6.25% sales tax to the purchase price. This raises the total expense by $55 to $130.

If you don’t have enough cash for a riding mower, be prepared to pay considerably more. For example, perhaps you decide to finance a $1,600 model at 4.25% interest. This would increase the total cost by almost $180. Loan processing and documentation fees may also apply.

Mowing Supplies

After you buy a riding mower, it’s time to visit the gas station and hardware store. These machines typically need gasoline, oil and transmission fluid. If you don’t already own a fuel canister, it will set you back another $20 to $25. You might also have to purchase a tire pump.

Parts & Repair

A riding mower has many of the same components as a car, and every part wears out sooner or later. You may need to replace the fuel filter, lights or spark plugs from time to time. Battery prices generally range from $35 to $75, and a new tire will cost you around $45.

Some parts remain quite affordable; you might be able to order a new belt and a blade for about $25. However, this maintenance task will become far more costly if you don’t know how to replace these components. Repair shops in San Antonio typically charge $60 per hour.

Mower Storage

Most people store riding mowers indoors to protect them from rain, wild animals and thieves. If you don’t already have a suitable outbuilding, you may need to invest in a shed or other enclosure. This will increase the amount of money that you spend on building maintenance.


Unless you own a utility trailer, you’ll find it difficult to move a riding mower long distances. You might have to pay someone to transport it to the repair shop, a storage locker or your next home. The dealer may also charge you a delivery fee when you buy the mower.

As you can see, a riding mower comes with numerous ongoing expenses and hassles. A simpler alternative is to use a local lawn care service. San Antonio residents choose ABC Home & Commercial Services for comprehensive lawn maintenance at affordable rates. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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