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Everything You Need To Know About San Antonio Rodents [INFOGRAPHIC]

Rodents are everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except Antarctica. These animals are native to every other continent on Earth.

Sometimes cute and furry and sometimes menacing, there are many different types of rodents. From the world’s largest rodent, the capybara, which can grow to be the size of a dog to the pygmy jerboa, which reaches only five centimeters long, these animals have had a significant impact on humans.  

The most common types of rodents homeowners encounter are mice and rats. While these furry creatures can serve as pets, many of us find the presence of these animals in and around their homes to be a nuisance at best and a dangerous pest when it comes to transmitting disease and damaging or destroying property.

For decades, ABC has helped remove rodents, pest and other types of wildlife from home and businesses. See how much you know about types of rats in San Antonio, Texas—as well as what kinds of mice live here—as well as a whole lot more in our infographic below.

San Antonio Texas rats

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