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Savvy Strategies for Creating the Ultimate Backyard Oasis

Easy landscaping options that work

It's important to consider upkeep when planning your tranquil landscapingIt’s fun to sit on the deck and imagine converting the backyard into a peaceful, personal retreat. If those daydreams include minimum work, natural beauty and creative touches, why not turn them into realities? With a few smart strategies, you can easily upgrade that simple backyard into the ultimate Hill Country oasis.

Keep Plans Simple

The secret to a successful backyard makeover is simplicity. This strategy lets you design an inviting getaway that doesn’t require constant upkeep. Start with a plan that breaks that square yard out of the box. Create colorful corridors with bright containers that define space and raise your gardening above ground level. Soften fence corners with feathery shrubs like aromatic Texas sage and fast-growing artemisia. Plant paving stones in that shady spot under the live oak, and turn it into your favorite outdoor reading room. Work with what you have, and enjoy the path of least resistance.

Design Natural Beauty

Every oasis should be a relaxing getaway, so populate your hideaway with plantings that add maximum beauty with minimum care. Count on native perennials for brilliant color and enticing fragrance. Splash sunshine around your retreat with Copper Canyon daisies, and sweeten the breeze with Mexican honeysuckles. Invite monarchs and swallowtails to keep you company in a butterfly garden filled with sweet Spanish lavender and pretty Mexican heather. If you add the brilliance of flame acanthus, even the hummingbirds will join your party. All these charming natives are perfectly at home in your Hill Country backyard.

Create Personal Space

If your weekend goal in life is total relaxation, surrender to the invitation of a hammock swinging between your favorite shade trees. The soothing splash of a water fountain and the mystery of reflecting globes transform the yard into an outdoor meditation center. Do you enjoy romantic evenings? Set a permanently lovely scene with the glow of twinkling LED lights strung through the treetops. Are you the best pit master in the neighborhood? Add a free-standing fire pit to complement your grilling talents. Whether you create a tranquil retreat or an oasis of fun, make it all yours.

It’s easy to make your best backyard daydreams come true. If you need a little help picking the right flowers or paving an inviting path, give us a call here at ABC Home & Commercial Services of Austin. We’re always happy to share our strategies for creating your perfect outdoor oasis.

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