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Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Work

Oftentimes the calls we receive are emergencies; cases where a customer’s AC system has stopped working completely. With AC maintenance we are able to ensure that your unit doesn’t experience any hiccups, but often air conditioning repair is needed.

To avoid an emergency where you’re left without air conditioning, there are a few warning signs you can look for. We’ve put together a list of three common signs that your air conditioner is on the verge of a breakdown.

Excessive Noise

Air conditioning units are specifically designed to run as quietly and as efficiently as possible. If your AC system has recently started making more noise than normal, it may be time to call in an expert to do a system check. You might have a problem with loose or disconnected parts, or the motor could be going bad. Keep an ear out, and if the problem gets worse your air conditioner may need work.

Weakened Airflow

The air flow of your air conditioning unit will vary slightly depending mostly on the age of your air filter. It is suggested that the air filter is changed regularly not only to ensure maximum airflow but also to help with air quality in general. If you have recently changed your AC filter and you are still experienced weak air flow, it may be time to call in the HVAC experts. Chances are, there is a problem in your air conditioning system related to the blower.

Air Coming Out Of Unit Is Not Cool

The most obvious sign that something is up with your air conditioner is if you notice that the system is blowing warmer than it used to. Or, your system might be taking longer than normal to get to the desired temperature. Either way, these are telltale signs of a compromised air conditioner. The fix could be as simple as a refill of coolant, which can be done quickly by an expert. If the coolant turns out not to be the culprit for the problem, you may be in for a bigger (and potentially more expensive) fix.

The best way to avoid dealing with these types of air conditioning breakdowns is to have regular maintenance done on your system. Experts suggest maintenance be done once or twice yearly to make sure your air conditioner is in prime working order all year round.

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