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Solving the Mystery of Small Dirt Piles

wormsWhat are worm castings, and how do they help with lawn care?

When digging around in your garden, you’ve probably come across worms making their way through the dirt. The more worms you see, the healthier the soil is likely to be, but why exactly is that?

What Goes In Must Come Out

As worms tunnel from one place to another, they munch on organic matter, process it, and excrete what are called castings. Also known as vermicast, this nutrient-rich “worm manure” can be produced in controlled settings and used as a rich natural fertilizer.

Benefits of Worm Castings

Vermicast offers many benefits for your Austin lawn and garden, including:

• Improved soil aeration
• Higher levels of beneficial micro-organisms
• Higher concentrations of bioavailable nutrients such as nitrogen, calcium and potash
• Better plant growth and yield with fewer diseases
• Stronger root systems
• Recycling waste products
• Natural, chemical-free fertilization
• Attraction of more worms to further improve soil health

In addition, the effects of this type of compost last much longer than potting soils and other commercial options.


To take full advantage of these benefits, you can place worms such as red wigglers in your compost bin and continue to add the organic waste you already toss in to decompose. The worms will break down the material for you, creating an end product that is more nutritious than standard compost. Once everything is completely broken down, this vermicompost is ready to use.

Where to Use Worm Castings

You can use worm castings anywhere you use other compost. Spread it in seed rows before planting or place it in holes dug for transplants. Add a little more on top once everything is in the ground to increase nutrients and support growth. It also makes an excellent addition to potting soil.

For existing plants, spread the vermicompost on the soil surface and work it in. It doesn’t require a lot to get good results, but don’t worry if you use a bit more than you need.

If you’d like assistance maintaining your lawn and landscaping, contact ABC Home & Commercial Services. The lawn care specialists on our staff can assess your yard and garden and come up with a plan to make the entire landscape as beautiful (and healthy) as it can be.

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