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Summer Mosquito Control

Summer Mosquito Control


With warmer weather comes exposed skin, and mosquitoes just can’t seem to resist the feast. Nobody likes the itch red bumps mosquitoes leave behind, but did you know those bites can also be extremely dangerous?

Mosquitoes are carriers of deadly parasites that claim thousands of lives each year. At ABC Home & Commercial Services, we want to help our customers better understand mosquitoes and learn how to protect themselves. Here are some facts about mosquitoes and tips for summer mosquito control.

Mosquito Facts

• There are about 200 different species of mosquitoes in the United States.
• Mosquitoes can transmit all of the following diseases: Malaria, Dengue Fever, Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Encephalitis, Chikungunya Virus.
• In addition to viruses that affect humans, mosquitoes can carry diseases that are extremely harmful to dogs and horses.
• Different mosquito species like different types of standing water for their larvae.
• Sites where mosquitoes lay their eggs typically include ponds, swimming pools, fountains, and bird baths. Other unique spots can include tree holes, old tires, buckets, toys, potted plants, plastic covers, and bottle caps.

Want to learn more about mosquitoes? Check out this information from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Life Cycle of a Mosquito

Understanding the mosquito life cycle can help you prevent mosquitoes around your property and protect yourself and your pets from their bites. The life cycle of a mosquito has four stages:

• Egg – Laid by female mosquitoes in spots with standing water. Exposure to water allows them to hatch.
• Larva – The wriggling baby version of a mosquito. Lives in the water, but usually must surface to breathe air.
• Pupa – Larger than a larva, on the verge of becoming an adult. Does not need to feed at this stage.
• Adult – Emerges from the “pupal case” and flies away to look for food and lay eggs of its own.

Summer Mosquito Control

Since mosquitoes are both pesky and genuinely dangerous, you may find yourself looking for ways to decrease their populations around your property and keep them off your skin. Here are our mosquito control solutions and suggestions.

1. Get rid of standing water.

With the life cycle of the mosquito in mind, you can understand the importance of eliminating or decontaminating any standing water around your home. After it rains, check outside for pockets of water resting on playground equipment, toys, trampolines, buckets, pots, gardening equipment, lawn décor or anything else outside. Without a secure source of water, the mosquito larvae can’t mature and become flying menaces.

2. Plant flowers to repel mosquitoes.

Incorporate mosquito repellent into your landscaping! By planting flowers and herbs that mosquitoes don’t like, you might encourage them to fly somewhere else. Some common plants that keep mosquitoes away include: rosemary, lavender, and basil.

3. Burn some incense.

Mosquitoes don’t like smoke, especially with an aroma. Next time you want to host an outdoor gathering, burn some all natural incense and let your guests enjoy a pleasant smell and a bug-free environment.

4. Invite birds to your yard.

Many bird species eat mosquitoes, so encouraging them to hang out in your yard can help cut down on the mosquito population. Add some bird feeders to your yard with a variety of different seeds and treats.

5. Create a breeze.

Fans will help to blow mosquitoes away from you.

6. Smell like vanilla or lavender.

If you want a more natural alternative to bug spray, (or if you just don’t want to smell like bug spray), try smelling like something mosquitoes hate. Spritz yourself with a mixture of vanilla and water, or rub some lavender lotion on your arms and legs.

7. Wear light colors.

Mosquitoes are attracted to darker clothes that contrast against their surroundings. Light colored clothing can help reduce the likelihood that they will bite you.

We hope these summer mosquito control ideas will help keep you safe from annoying pests. If you need any extra help with pest control around your home this summer, call our team of professionals.

For pest infestations in your home, count on ABC Home & Commercial Services. We have your summer pest solutions.

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