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Fire Safety Tips To Keep Your Loved Ones Safe All Year Long

fire safety tips

Cold winter nights call for warm beverages, movie nights, and of course, curling up by the fireplace.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With These Fire Safety Tips

Before you light the fire and cuddle up under a few blankets, there are a few things you should consider. Read our fire safety tips below to keep your family and home safe this winter.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Both wood burning and gas fireplaces are designed to keep your family safe. Still, though, it’s important to perform proper maintenance operations before lighting the first fire of the season.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is ensure your fireplace is clear of obstructions and creosote. This can be done by a professional chimney sweep. Do this annually, before you light your first fire. Your chimney sweep will share other fireplace safety tips with you which may be particularly relevant to your home.

Once your fireplace is … Read Full Post »

What Is The Best Room Temperature For Puppies?

Room temperature for puppies

Many of us consider our pets a part of our family. With countless “dogs-welcomed” restaurants, trails, large dog parks and training and boarding facilities, it’s no wonder that so many cities are seeing an increase in puppy adoptions.

Welcoming a dog into your home involves research and planning, particularly if you have decided you’d prefer to adopt a puppy. From proper nutrition to adequate amounts of exercise to an endless amount of love and care, it’s your duty to ensure your pet is cared for. Thinking about the best room temperature for puppies and older pets is one way to make sure your furry friends stay happy and healthy.

What’s the Best Room Temperature for Puppies?

It might sound silly, but even the smallest factors, like your home’s temperature, are important aspects in maintaining your dog’s overall health, particularly if you have a puppy. Let’s discuss what new dog owners need to know … Read Full Post »

How to Keep Your Home’s Heater Running More Efficiently This Winter

energy efficient heaters

When summer comes to a close and fall brings with it lower temperatures, homeowners start thinking about heaters which are often dormant during the warmer months. But before you turn up the thermostat, however, take a look at ways to preserve energy in your home and reduce your energy costs.

Check out our winter energy saving tips below to make sure you are getting the most out of your heater.

Conduct an energy audit

An energy audit can help you gain a better understanding of your home’s energy use. It will help you determine problem areas and how to best fix them. It can also help you determine just how much you should use your heater. An energy audit is the first thing you should do if you are looking for ways to save on heating costs.

Cover any openings

After you’ve conducted an energy audit, you’ll want to check for any air leaks [] … Read Full Post »

HVAC Inspection Checklist: Preparing Your Home For Fall

HVAC inspection checklist

By the time the scorching San Antonio summer gives way to a slightly-less-scorching autumn, you’re probably ready for a break from the heat. But is your home prepared?

If you’re like most Texans, your air conditioning unit worked hard in the summer months. As you look forward to the coming cold weather, your entire HVAC system may need servicing to ensure that it continues to work perfectly. Here’s a quick HVAC inspection checklist of things to do to help you get started.

Clean Up Your Unit

Just as your home needs a deep cleaning a few times per year, you need to occasionally clean your HVAC system to keep it running optimally.


Clear leaves and debris away from your outdoor HVAC unit. This prevents any blockages from happening, as well as any reductions in the unit’s ability to provide heat.

Not all of the debris is located inside of the unit, however. Trim any other … Read Full Post »

Choosing An AC System For Your Home

air conditioner types

The weather in Austin can sometimes feel like perpetual summer, with hot and muggy weather for more than half of the year. When considering air conditioning for your home, it’s valuable to know the different air conditioner types that exist so you can make the best choice for our sweltering climate.

Air Conditioner Types

Perhaps the most common air conditioner type is central AC, which provides cooling throughout your home. These units consist of an evaporator unit, a condenser unit, and ducts or other distribution mechanisms that send the cold air throughout the home. Below [3:]

Split Systems

The most common form of central air conditioning is a split system, involving both an indoors unit and an outdoors unit. In a split system, the cooling or evaporation coil unit is inside the home, usually inside a cabinet located in a central location within the home, while the condenser and compressor are outdoors, usually … Read Full Post »

How Often To Change The Air Filter In A House

how often to change air filter in house

If you own an air conditioning unit, you know that changing the air filter is a common air conditioner maintenance task that must be performed so your heating and cooling system can run clean and pure air throughout your home.

Have you ever really thought about why is it so important to change your AC’s air filter? Or how often should you clean it? Keep reading to learn more tips about keeping your air conditioner running efficiently.

Five Reasons To Change Your AC Air Filter Frequently

There are quite a few benefits of changing your filter frequently.

Improved Performance

Imagine trying to drink water through a clogged straw. That’s a lot like how your air conditioning unit feels when it’s trying to draw air through a clogged filter. By switching out your air filter on a regular basis, you make it easier for your system to pull air in and keep things cool. This, in turn, … Read Full Post »

Looking For A Better Night’s Rest? Adjust Your Thermostat.

recommended thermostat settings

It seems that being tired these days is a common challenge for many people. With smartphones and other smart devices, working around the clock is the new norm – and it has become even harder to disconnect from our technological leashes.

While work stressors and a constantly connected environment may be interrupting our sleep schedules, there are multiple other factors to consider – like light, mattress quality, and diet. Surprisingly, something you may not have considered is that temperature can make or break a good night’s sleep.

But before you dial down your thermostat to nearly freezing, let’s learn a bit more about how your thermostat affects your body, and how, as a new homeowner, you can maintain an energy efficient home.

The Mirroring Effect

The temperature of your room or sleeping area has a significant effect on your quality of sleep. Despite your comfort levels during an evening at home, scientists suggest setting … Read Full Post »

AC Leaking Water? Why This Happens And What To Do

AC Leaking

In San Antonio, air conditioners are a necessity. With harsh summers bringing scorching temperatures to the region, a problem in your air conditioner could lead to a day of repair while your family waits patiently near a fan.

One common problem that causes homeowners anxiety is a leaking AC unit. While a leaky cooling system is usually an easy-to-repair problem, you could be faced with a more serious issue down the line that causes your AC to break, including flooding that could cause some serious damage your home.

By knowing air conditioner parts and functions, it can be easier to properly identify the source of a leaking AC. Learn more below about why your AC is leaking water and what you can do to fix the problem.

A Leaking AC Is No Time To Test Your DIY Skills

Even if you are a formidable handyman, it is best to let an HVAC professional troubleshoot and … Read Full Post »

Bed Bugs Be Gone! Checklist to Prepare for Treatment Success.

how to kill bed bugs

As a new homeowner, the last thing you want to think about is a bed bug infestation. And hopefully, you won’t need to. But in a big city like San Antonio where bed bugs (and pests in general) are prevalent, it’s best to be prepared for any situation.

Bed bugs spread easily and most commonly found in spaces where people sleep or spend the majority of their time, like homes, hospitals, schools, and hotels. Their small size allows them to go unnoticed; it’s the red, itchy bites they leave behind that reveal their camouflage. But despite their tiny size, bed bugs can cause a big headache—and an even bigger problem if left untreated.

Here at ABC San Antonio, we take great strides to ensure your home is bed bug-free after just one of our Heat Remediation treatments. And while our experts can take on any challenge, you’ll have to do your part … Read Full Post »

Maintaining an AC Unit in a Coastal Climate

beach living is hard on your HVAC unit

Living in Corpus Christi means you have easy access to the Gulf Coast. With the ocean so close by, you can enjoy the day on a boat, walk along the beach, surf, or go fishing. However, living near the beach means the salt air can cause damage to your home including your air conditioning unit.

What’s the problem?

Living near the ocean causes a few problems unique to the region.

Salt air corrodes machinery, in part by attracting moisture. This moisture, in turn, contributes to the early deterioration of the coils and other components within the HVAC system. Studies show that aluminum and steel corrode significantly faster in the salty air, significantly shortening the lifespan of most outdoor metals.

In air conditioning units, condenser coils are typically made of copper tubes with aluminum fins that disperse heat quickly. Because of the salt air, these fins degrade quickly in coastal climates. The closer you are … Read Full Post »