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Humidifier Benefits: How To Keep Your Home Comfortable

Humidifier Benefits

Keeping your home as comfortable as possible can be pretty tricky. Sure, you know that you need a great air conditioner installed in your home and that there will be times during the winter season when you’ll have to run your heater. Other considerations, though, such as the humidity in one’s home, can be easily overlooked.

It can be difficult to know how to control humidity in your home. This is a serious problem, as low humidity is a common issue in homes throughout our area. If you suspect that the air in your home is too dry, whole-house humidifiers can resolve the problem. Read on to learn more about humidifier benefits and why you might consider investing in one for your home.

Minimize Potential Damage To Your Biggest Investment

You may know that very humid air can lead to problems throughout the house, including mold growth. What you may not realize, … Read Full Post »

What Causes High Humidity In A House?

What causes high humidity in a house

When the temperatures begin to climb, you may detect some changes around your home. Perhaps you catch a whiff of musty air and notice that your windows are getting foggy. Or, maybe you’re relaxing in the kitchen with a glass of lemonade and suddenly you start sweating even though you’re not exerting any physical energy beyond lifting your glass. You might even spot damp spots on your walls and what looks like mold in your shower.

If any of this sounds familiar, your home may have a problem with excessive humidity because your air conditioner is not controlling the level of moisture in your indoor air. Not only will it make you hot and uncomfortable, but also high interior humidity can cause more serious problems like mold, mildew and rust, along with posing potential health risks.

In parts of the country that have hot and humid climates, homeowners often call AC repair … Read Full Post »

Best Room Temperature For Baby: Welcoming Your Little One

Room temperature for baby

You spent years getting your house just the way you like it. Furniture that matches your unique aesthetic. The perfect set up for your home theatre. Cooking and cleaning supplies right where they need to be to make your life easier. Plants and flowers that elevate your landscape.

In just a few short months, someone who isn’t even here yet has changed all of that.

Yep, there’s a lot that new parents need to do before you bring home a newborn (or twins—you get the idea) from the hospital, all of which applies if you decide to have a home birth. You’ll need a crib. Then, there’s a changing table. A dresser for clothes and sheets and blankets and towels. Don’t forget the car seat, since you can’t even leave the hospital or the house without one! Another item you’ll need is diapers. Lots and lots of diapers.

Those are just the needs, and … Read Full Post »

Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist: Tips From The Experts

Air conditioner maintenance checklist

If you’re like most people, your home’s air conditioner plays a vital role in keeping you and your loved ones cool in the summer and warm in the winter, regardless of the temperature or humidity outdoors. Despite the importance of their ACs in their daily lives, however, many homeowners rarely think about their HVAC systems until they break down—but this can become a costly mistake.

Repairs to your air conditioner can run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars, while annual air conditioner maintenance is quite affordable and more than worth the cost. Keeping your air conditioner running at peak performance will save you money on your monthly electricity bills. This is not, however, the only benefit. Regular AC maintenance can also catch problems early and prevent, or at least mitigate, the need for many types of repairs.

But what should you be doing to maintain your air conditioner on a … Read Full Post »

Common Types Of Air Filters For Your Home

types of air filters

Is it time to change your central air conditioning filter again? Although it may sound intimidating, this routine task doesn’t have to be very difficult. As long as you know about the different types of air filters and what is required for their upkeep, you should be fine. The important things to look for in an air conditioning filter is how efficient they are and how much dust they can stop, because the last thing you need is excessive dust in your home.

If you suffer from asthma or allergies, or if you just want the air inside your home to be clean, your first instinct may be to investigate buying an air purifier. Since many air purifiers require replacement filters multiple times a year, thinking about how this appliance might fit into the equation should also be a part of your decision about how to clean the air circulating inside of your home. Although you may find it most cost-effective, especially in … Read Full Post »

Ways To Save On Heating Costs This Winter

Ways To Save On Heating Costs

With energy costs taking up a significant portion of your utility bill, it pays to find ways to reduce your home heating bills. In this post, we’ve put together some tips describing different ways to save on heating costs that are easy and will all add up to reduce your home heating bills by a significant amount. Many of you will be relieved to hear that you don’t need to have much background on heating and cooling systems to act upon this advice, either. Some of this advice just takes a minute or two. Even small changes will add up to big savings over the course of a cold winter.

Check For Leaks

Check your air ducts for gaps, leaks or disconnects. If you have any disconnects or leaks in your ductwork, your heating bills could be 25% higher than they would be if these gaps were sealed. Most homeowners choose to hire a professional to properly diagnose and fix … Read Full Post »

Preparing House For Extended Vacation: What About Your AC?

Preparing House For Extended Vacation

You’ve boarded the pets, asked the neighbors to get the mail and turned off all your appliances and lights. You’ve taken care of everything, and now you can enjoy a few weeks of well-earned vacation away from the hassles and tasks at home—but not quite. Before you hit the road, there are a few things you need to do to prepare your HVAC system for vacation.

Preparing a house for an extended vacation will keep your air conditioner in good shape and ready to resume service when you return. At the end of your vacation, the last thing you want to do is return to a hot, sweltering home and a big heating contractor bill because you failed to take a few simple precautions before leaving on your trip.

Your HVAC unit is one of the most complex pieces of machinery in your home. It’s also one of the biggest consumers of energy. Properly … Read Full Post »

HVAC Trends & Home Renovations To Save Money

HVAC trends

Keeping up with heating and cooling trends can be time-consuming. There are a few trends that are here to stay, however, some of which can also help reduce your energy bills year after year. Our team at ABC Home & Commercial Services has compiled the following suggestions to help you save money now and for years to come.

Heating & Cooling Trends

Today’s air conditioners and heat pumps can be up to 40 percent more energy efficient than older models. The money homeowners can save in reduced energy bills by purchasing a new, high-efficiency system is often worth the investment.

A good air cleaner can help trap many of the pollutants that may be traveling through your home. As part of your heating and cooling system, these devices filter indoor air to help improve indoor air quality. To ensure the continue to serve in that role, indoor air quality products are often backed by a five-year parts limited warranty.

Another important aspect of your indoor … Read Full Post »

Air Conditioner Parts And Functions You Should Know

Air Conditioner Parts and Functions

As every homeowner knows, an air conditioner is a device which is used to cool the air inside your house. Having a basic understanding of the air conditioner parts and functions will help know what you should look for when buying a new AC unit and having your system installed. To make a wise purchasing decision and help prevent future air conditioner problems, start with the basics. There are three major parts of an air conditioner: the condenser, the compressor and the evaporator coil. While the first two are located on the exterior to the air conditioning unit, the evaporator coil is inside the machine.

Essential Parts Of An Air Conditioning Unit

As we’ve already mentioned, the compressor, the condenser and the evaporator coil are the three main parts of an air conditioner. Besides these, an air conditioner also has a hot coil and a cool coil on the outside and inside, respectively. Each unit also has two fans and a control circuit to modify … Read Full Post »

Why Is My Gas Bill So High In The Winter?

Why Is My Gas Bill So High In The Winter

Imagine leaving a window open all winter long—the heat loss, cold drafts and wasted energy! If your home has a folding attic stair, fireplace or clothes dryer, that may be just what is occurring in your home every day. These often overlooked sources of heat loss and air leakage can cause warm air to leave your home and the cold outside air to rush in—costing you money in the form of higher heating bills. If you’re ready to lower your heating costs this winter, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Air leaks are the largest source of heating and cooling loss in the home. Air leaks occur through the small cracks around doors, windows, pipes and other entry points. Most homeowners are well aware of the benefits caulk and weatherstripping provide to minimize heat loss and cold drafts. But what can you do about the three largest “holes” in your home—the folding attic stair, the fireplace and the clothes … Read Full Post »