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Who Invented the Air Conditioner?

It’s getting hot in Central Texas.

We’ve been lucky this year in Austin. Due to all the rain, temperatures are still slightly below sweltering!

Now that the warmer temperatures have arrived, everyone is thankful for the modern marvel of air conditioning. It is now possible to be burning up one moment and freezing the next as you move between the outdoors and heavily air conditioned spaces.

Air conditioning is such a part of modern life that we take it for granted.

Until it breaks down and wreaks havoc.

Here’s a little history lesson that will give you an understanding of the myriad ways people attempted to cool down before air conditioners arrived on the market.

Given that the modern air conditioner was not invented until the early 20th century, humans have been experimenting with ways to cool down for centuries.

  • The ancient Egyptians hung reeds in their windows and wet them with a stream of water. Air … Read Full Post »

Air Conditioning Facts & Myths: Experts Weigh In


During our seemingly endless summers, San Antonio homeowners enjoy the full benefits of cooler air, thanks to their air conditioning system. Despite our appreciation for our AC, many of us have little understanding of the inner workings of these complicated systems. As a result, there are several myths that continue to persist to this day that result in wasted energy and money.

Find out what these misconceptions are and just how to keep your energy bill low while keeping your home as cool as can be in when the mercury climbs sky-high.

Myth: Leaving Ceiling Fans On Will Keep An Empty Room Cool

Ceiling fans move air around in a room, but they don’t cool it. The cooling effect we feel is due to the air being moved across our skin. Our body temperature often drops as a result.

We also experience a similar feeling when we’re sweating and a fan is turned on. … Read Full Post »

[Infographic] When to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner.

Get your AC ready for the hot Texas summer.

It’s hot outside. Is your A/C ready for the summer heat?

One of the biggest questions our customers ask us is when to repair or replace their AC units. We’ve put together a nifty flow chart to help you navigate the HVAC repair and replacement process. Sometimes, a maintenance routine is all you really need. But other issues require repairs — and sometimes, replacement parts or an entirely new air conditioner.

Always keep in mind that regular maintenance will keep your A/C in perfect working condition for the entirety of its lifespan.

Embed this Infographic on Your Site:

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ABC Can maintain, repair, and replace your HVAC system.

If your journey suggests that your A/C needs some work or needs to be replaced, give us a call. From all of us at ABC … Read Full Post »

Summer Air Conditioning: How To Get Your AC Unit Ready

Summer Air Conditioning

As summer approaches and the days get warmer, you’ll want to know that you can turn on your air conditioner for a little relief.

Before sweltering temperatures are here to stay, make sure you perform some basic summer air conditioning maintenance tasks to make your HVAC perform its best during the peak season.

Replace Dirty Air Filters

The warm weather in Texas forces residents to use about three times as much energy on air conditioning when compared to the average U.S. household.

Replacing your air conditioner’s filter is one of the easiest things you can do to help save on your energy bill. Excessive dust in the house can cause a dirty filter, making it difficult for the system to blow air. The harder your air conditioner has to work, the more money you spend on electricity.

Clean The Evaporator Coils

Your air conditioner uses evaporator coils to remove heat and moisture from the air. If the … Read Full Post »

Your Summer 2016 AC Health Checklist

Get your AC ready for the hot Texas summer.

As a Central Texas resident, you likely experience only a few short months during which your air conditioner is turned off. We’ve had a pretty mild year so far in 2016, so you could have just turned on your AC within the last few weeks! In any case, heading into our 100-degree days of summer, it’s vital to make sure that your AC is ready to operate at full capacity. We’ve all heard stories of people who have had their AC break down in the heat of summer, or been victims of an AC breakdown ourselves. Take some time before it gets too hot to do some DIY AC maintenance. If you run into any problem areas, you’ll still have wiggle room for an air conditioner tune-up.

Doing any air conditioner maintenance yourself can be intimidating – the thought of tampering with (and possibly breaking) your AC unit is pretty scary. … Read Full Post »

The Top 7 Reasons Your AC Broke

top reasons your ac broke

Why is it that in the hottest days of the summer, when we need our air conditioners most, they break down? You’ve heard the stories from friends or relatives – how their air conditioners quit working on days topping 100 degrees, requiring a long wait for AC repair or even replacement. Maybe you’ve even experienced it yourself, suffering in the sweltering heat while you wait for an AC repairman, or staying at a hotel (if you’re lucky). Before it gets that hot, here’s some food for thought on why your air conditioner cuts out on those dog days of summer.

It’s 90 degrees outside. Here’s why your AC broke.

  1. The main reason your air conditioner is more likely to break down during summer months is pretty logical – you’re using it a ton, so it has more opportunities to malfunction. One proactive thing you can do is look at ways to lower … Read Full Post »

Tips to Allergy-Proof Your Home

Allergy-proof your home Austin

It’s that time of year again when everything is sprouting. Just step outside your door and tree pollen will be in your face – it’s all over your lawn, your patio, your car, you name it! And just when you wanted to start spending time outside, your plans are halted by the onslaught of pollen and the pesky allergies that accompany it. Your watery eyes and running nose can have you locked up in your house for the next month or two. Try these tips – for both you and your home – to help keep the suffering to a minimum.

Note: Before getting started, it’s important to know what your allergies are. A trip to the allergist will help solve that mystery. Once you know what ails you, you’ll have a number of options regarding how to treat your allergies – allergy shots, medications, and home remedies. Here are a … Read Full Post »

Outdoor AC Unit In Rain: How To Protect Your Air Conditioner

Outdoor AC Unit in Rain

With periodic hail, flooding and other types of inclement weather, Texas homeowners can find it a challenge to keep their living spaces comfortable. Many of us rely on our HVAC systems to keep us cozy indoors as spring wind and rain bring colder temperatures and keep us cool during a summer thunderstorm.

But while your family might be safe inside, your HVAC unit may not be.

Hail wreaks havoc on vehicles, windows and roofs. Your outdoor HVAC unit is also at risk of damage as well. What should you do with your outdoor AC unit in rain? Here are five tips to keep your HVAC working through the harshest of storms.

Cover Your HVAC

Two of the biggest enemies for HVAC units are hail and debris. If a hailstorm or heavy winds are in the forecast, place a thick canvas cover on your HVAC system. This will provide protection during the storm and allow … Read Full Post »

Hot Weather Tips: How To Keep Cool Without Your AC Running

hot weather tips

When temperatures climb, many homeowners start to get their air conditioners in working order to prepare for the heat. Fighting back against the warm embrace of sunlight trickling through the window blinds with a refreshing blast of air is a feeling many cannot go without, especially in the middle of a notoriously sweltering Texas summer.

The modern comfort of an AC might be a welcome treat for many, but how do people without air conditioning get through those blazingly hot days?

While opening windows at night to cool down is arguably the most common way to beat the heat, there are many more interesting ways for people to keep their cool as the mercury goes up. While some of you may be asking how to make an air conditioner colder, we understand that summer air conditioning can be costly. Check out our hot weather tips below to cut down on your home energy … Read Full Post »

Your Heater Is On — Why Is Your House Still Cold?

uneven heat can easily be remedied with hvac system maintenance

It’s not always cold in San Antonio, but it certainly does get chilly every winter. When it is cold outside, we Texans don’t enjoy it. No one likes to roll out of bed in the morning only to be startled by the ice-cold touch of kitchen tiles underneath your feet. In fact, getting out of bed at all is a struggle when the home is drafty.

Uneven heat in your home puts additional strains on your HVAC system and can lead to higher utility bills. So, what causes you to grab a coat or blanket indoors?

Your home should be a refuge when it’s cold outside, but there are a few reasons you might feel a draft in the winter. Usually these issues can be easily fixed, but sometimes a larger furnace breakdown is the culprit.

Air Leaks

That draft you feel in certain rooms in your home could be due to a poorly … Read Full Post »