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St. Augustine or Bermuda? A Texas Dilemma

It’s the ultimate showdown in Dallas lawn care

A battle’s brewing in Dallas, and it has to do with lawn care. If you’re uncertain which grass to root for, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of both contenders will help you make an informed pick between St. Augustine and Bermuda. We have a feeling this will be a close fight.


Sorry, St. Augustine fans, but Bermuda wins this round. As reported by WFAA, Patrick Dickinson, the urban water program coordinator at Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center, suggests St. Augustine will lose the Turf Wars because it greedily slurps up twice the amount of water as Bermuda grass.

Choosing grass involves other factors, but this will influence those people looking to conserve the water supply in Dallas or reduce the cost of lawn care.


While neither grass thrives when the temperature drops below 60 F, St. Augustine grass does have a lower stress tolerance than Bermuda, … Read Full Post »