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5 Bugs That Help Austin Stay Weird

bugs are keeping Austin weird too

It’s that time of year again: the days are long, the sun is hot (or just hotter), and it seems that everyone is enjoying the great outdoors from sun-up to sundown. Whether you’re standing by the grill in your backyard or cooling off at the local watering hole, we Austinites know how to get the full summer experience.

While you might have adjusted to the Texas summer heat, so too have the insects that occupy the city each summer—and not just the pesky bugs you’re accustomed to seeing around your home either. Sure, the constant buzzing of a mosquito is easily identified, but the Austin area is home to some pretty weird bugs too.

Let’s explore a few of these summer pests.

The Africanized Killer Bees (Apis mellifera scutella)

Jeffrey W. Lotz, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services,

You’re probably thinking, “bees aren’t weird,” and we won’t argue with that. But bee-ware, Africanized … Read Full Post »

ABC Named “Best Pest Control” in Austin Chronicle

Service with a smile really does get you noticed

At ABC Home & Commercial Services, we’ve been taking care of our customers since our founding. Homeowners and business owners across the Austin area have been good to us, and we make sure to give back whenever possible. That’s why it’s so gratifying to hear that we’ve been named among the best pest control services in the city by the Austin Chronicle.

Why Are We the Best?

Talk about a loaded question. According to the Chronicle, the “60+ years ABC has been tending to Austin’s residential and commercial needs have given them a definitive advantage over the pests that plague us.” It’s true that our experience is a real asset. We currently employ several generations of pest control specialists, each of whom can learn something from the others.

The Chronicle goes on to say that “the new generation of bug busters [at ABC] continues the … Read Full Post »